Thursday, January 12, 2012

WishList for Shot Show 2012!

Once again it is one of my favorite times of the year, Shot Show! The magical time when we get to see what the firearms, accessory, and knife industries think we need, want, or will buy. So what do I want to see this year?

A domestic semi-auto pistol carbine that is better than a kel-tec, but not as overpriced as a Beretta Storm Carbine. Should take available pistol magazines! At least one version in 9mm. Would be extra sweet if it was very short and around 5lbs or less.

Smith & Wesson Bodyguard semi-auto up-scaled and chambered for 9x19mm. Maybe my biggest want for this year. Because I'll most likely get one for my wife who needs a CCW piece.

Crimson Trace Lightguard for revolvers like the GP-100 or the S&W j-frames.

A good looking carbon steel bowie style knife over 9inches in size but under $100.

Smith & Wesson 6rd J-frame + revolver. Taurus has one that will fit in my 638 holster, but I like S&W better. GIMME.

Mossberg semi-auto shotgun done up like a 590a1 so it can take a bayonet and has all that lovely extra metal! That would rock so hard.

A surefire-like LED shotgun forearm light system. Surefire's are stupidly expensive. Fenix or Streamlight could do this with no problems and still be just as good as a surefire.

Modern pump action .357 or 44mag rifle.

Apex Tactical trigger kits for Sig-Sauer's like the 2022.

Subhilt defensive, fighting, and EDC knives!

I could come up with more, and I might still, but this is enough for now.

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