Monday, January 23, 2012

CRKT SPEW: Cool New Design, but Who Named it?

One CRKT's 2012 catalog items is coming out is the S.P.E.W. or Small Pocket Everyday Warncliffe. It is a very handsome warncliffe sporting G10 grips with a blade around 3inches designed by Alan Folts, who designed the Minimalist. Looks like a great choice for an EDC knife except that 'SPEW' is what I think when I looked up the steel it's made of. 5CR15MoV is to be better than my personal whipping boy 420hc. 420hc has a place, but I think that is in liners and other parts of knives that don't involve sharp edges. AUS8 and 440C are really a minimum for a serious knife in my opinion.

Also, SPEW? Really? You want to name a knife with an acronym that involves vomiting? Was P.O.O.P already taken?

I'm really liking the design on this. It looks slick as hell. Handsome little blade. Looks right for EDC or for a little emergency goblin shanking. It is going to retail for around $30. If I found one of these local, I might impulse buy. Heck for $20bucks shipped, I'd preorder one now. Close to $40? I'm going to have to really think about it. There's flashlights and Beckers to buy.

Edit: Alan Folts named this one. I was wanting to think that CRKT for some brainfarty reason. Sorry, Alan. I'd love a custom version of this, but man, the name stinks!

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Dan said...

Man that thing is sweet! I'm a huge fan of Folt's work and really enjoyed my CRKT Minimalist. This is a sweet knife but I agree - SPEW? Seriously?

Sometimes you get so close to a project it's hard to see the big picture. I'm sure he named it with the best of intentions.

I'll definitely buy one for a full review - I can't always find new CRKT stuff that excites me.

5Cr15MoV should be decent - but time will tell! Thanks for the great first look, I had heard of the knife,but I didn't look to close and certainly didn't realize this was a Folts design.