Monday, January 16, 2012

Drugs & Anti-gunners

If you look around at the NRA Anti-gun organization, celebrity, and business page. You find the paragons of virtue that denounce guns as ultimate evil tools. However, if you just alone take the celebrity list and look into their records you find the worst sort of hypocrisy. Buyers and users of illegal drugs.

I am of a libertarian stint, I believe that drugs should be made legal. However, I totally and utterly oppose the purchase and use of them until the day they become legal. Criminal empires are fueled by those drugs. Tens of thousands of criminals and innocent civilians die each year thanks to the drug trade. They die in direct conflict between criminals, in robberies, in transport of drugs, and in the crossfire of these crimes. Behind each of those deaths is someone who bought those illegal drugs. That bloody money is what makes those murders profitable and also what pays for the arms used to commit them.

Anyone who claims to be anti-gun and has used illegal drugs has done more to support murder and death than your average pro-gunner. Most pro-gunners are rather drug free. After all, we have background checks to pass when we support rights.

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Dan said...

RK, once again thanks for the massive truth bomb my man. This is why I keep coming back again and again. Have a good one.