Friday, January 6, 2012

Finally! Fenix Tk50 & BokerPlus Rambler!

Thirty minutes after returning from a successful trip to the much improved shooting range, the brown truck of joy graced me with a package from BladeHQ. Inside was the Fenix Tk50 and the Boker Plus Rambler.

The TK50 is a powerful 2 D-Cell LED light and the Rambler is small EDC fixed blade made from 440C.

I'll have to wait until tonight to get some beamshots of the Fenix. They should be most illuminating. Har har.


Dan said...

RK, the Rambler has had my eye for some time now. What a nice little knife. I'll be very curious to hear your views on it - the Fenix is nice too, but I'm all about that Rambler. ;)

Dan said...

Wow, that was a fairly incoherent comment. I guess that is all the beer I've had tonight talking. I meant to say "I've had my eye on the Rambler for some time now." - Don't drink and comment people, good thing I'm inside.

Take care man. -Dan