Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Shanghai Shadow: Cold Steel's Smatchet Wannabe

For several years now, I've been jonesing for a Smatchet. Smatchets are massive fighting knives featuring a ten-inch leaf-shaped often double edged blades that were designed back in World War One as a backup weapon when most folks were packing long bolt actions with long sword bayonets. The shanghai shadow is not a smatchet, but the 7 inch blade is very similar. Cold Steel lists it under their throwing blades, but I have serious doubt about its abilities in that. It pretty simple, carbon steel construction with smooth polymer grips. The large ring I find rather useless and in the way of making this actually a cool fighting knife. The guard functional, but not very good or even cool looking. It is however, extremely sharp out of the box. Play with this at your own risk. This thing may be a $25 Chinese cheapy, but it is extremely sharp and the steel seems quite solid. I have no doubts that it could certainly serve as a fighting knife. It has the length of blade to hit the vital organs and just enough heft to chop someone to pieces. The sheath is predictably barely functional and outright junky. If you wanted to carry this thing, you'd need to find or make a better sheath for it.
I really have no serious use for this, its there to look kinda cool and be something sharp if I really needed it. If you're looking for something just kinda neat but not expensive to scratch that knife itch, give it a try.

Monday, August 29, 2011


My favorite Internet Hate Machine, Mr. JayG, has shared with us this morning something that is quite literally causing me to loose control. As I type this, I can barely keep my fingers pressing down like a hyena's fangs upon the bones of a enemy.

In the Peoples Republic of Massachusetts, in the city of Bostongrad, Councilors Michael Ross and Tito Jackson are trying to combat knife crime by requiring knife sellers have license to be allowed to sell knives.
The video shows them and their concerns about how children could buy 4 or 5inch bladed knives for as little as ten dollars. Of how the government should have a say in where knives are bought and sold.

I've been mad before. I've been fighting mad before too. But now I'm BITING MAD. I suddenly recall the Tolneps from Battlefield Earth and how it was often threatened to strip members of this poisonous alien species naked and throw them into the streets to be bitten to death by small children. Well, I wouldn't want the guys to be naked. Think of the children! But I'm certainly cool with the rest of it! I would gleefully point and laugh before joining my youthful comrades. The smell of fear and tang of idiocy would prevalent upon my bloody maw. Their much masticated bodies would then be left in the councilman's executive mini-fridge as a grim reminder of the cost of moronic tyranny.

Seriously and obscenely though, talk about your useless fucktard feel good hippy pointless piss-gobbling piles of reeking bloody worm-ridden horseshit. This ain't like guns boys! THERE IS A KNIFE IN EVERY HOME. Usually several! They do not require highly advanced technology to fabricate, like firearms. All you fucking need is a fucking ROCK and a piece of metal, and a little elbow grease. Fuck! Metal is optional! Go ask your corrections officers you fucking little mini-Stalins. What about internet sales, you dirty-diaper-huffing morons?! GRAGHHHHHHHHGGGG- *insert an additional 5 minutes of hair pulling, obscenties, and 3 gallons lathery rage froth* This happens each time I listen to these guys talk.

If I have not said it before, I'll say it again. Knives are basic tools of human survival. Necessities for both modern an ancient living. They are more important that your existences, my egomaniacal Councilors. Your petty attempt to control to profit the machine with more government workers and more tax payer money, is an affront to civilization. Without even biting you, you've left me a bad taste in my mouth.

And no I am not advocating biting these two to death. That would be horribly unhygienic. I like kids! Even alien ones. I would not want them to get something horrible from these guys. You know how big city government types like to roll. Around. In a bed full of hookers and blow. I imagine the crabs in Mass. are most imposing. I shall just have to hope these turkeys try to drink the rain.

I don't expect much out of Boston

Gay Cynic administers a beautiful curb stomp to a craptacular Boston Globe editorial that tries to make us believe that both micro-stamping and New York firearm manufacturers are very cheap.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

I've been Black Listed!

By the Gun Blog Black List. Oh noes! Check out all the other great folks that have been black listed too. DAMN THE MAN!


I have long been a proponent of the idea that just because a firearm isn't full of the latest most modern technology or features, doesn't mean that its useful less defensive or offensively. There are too many revolvers, lever-actions, bolt-actions, pump-actions, and old style semi-autos to discount their utility in conflict. Therefore, I was very pleased to discover that Retro-Tactical was dedicated to making modern tactical gear for these older weapons. They have stock pouches for stripper clips for Mosins Nagants, Enfields and SKSes. There is also MOLLE and belt magazine pouches for N-frame speedloaders, m1-carbines, Garands, m-14s, even 20rd AK magazines. They round out things with some more modern but hard to find gear for the new keltec PMR30 and pouches for p90 magazines. Loadbearing gear is also offered. They do some custom work too. I'm very tempted to see about a bandoleer bag combination L-frame holster with built in speedloader pouch, flashlight pouch, and some loops for shotgun shells as a home defense go-to. Could be AWESOME. Check these guys out. You might have an old Enfield, SKS or Garand that could stand some excellently priced tactical gear for just in case.

Konya wa Hurricane

With everyone concerned with Stormageddin, I thought I'd show you folks the intro and music video to the 80's Japanese animated cyberpunk classic, BubbleGum Crisis. Enjoy Priss and the Replicants performing Konya wa Hurricane or 'There's a Hurricane Tonight." Also, enjoy the kick ass action of these excellent OVA series. It gets special bonus points for having a guy that carries around a 3rd .60 caliber EarthShaker revolver and using powered armor to fight deadly techno-organic cyberdroids known as Boomers.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Knife Blogger Conspiracy?

Seeing as I blog more stabby than shooty, perhaps it is time for some sort of Knife Blogger Conspiracy IRC channel. Anyone thing there's enough interest? How about a name? Please comment!

Update: I've gone ahead and registered a channel. #knifeblogger_conspiracy at irc.slashnet.org:6667. Might have to change the name in the future. But lets give this a try for now.

Mibbit is an easy web-based IRC client.
I personally prefer MIRC.

You Sleep in the Bed You Make

The misuse of police authority is a hot topic in the gunblogosphere these days. It seems every single day we hear about a new outrageous act by law enforcement. Angry cops making death threats against legal CCW holders. Against other suspects too. Gunpoint disarms of legally open carrying citizens. Illegal confiscation of private property in a public forum. The war against civilians who record those misdeeds. Do I even need to link the ATF/FBI/DOJ/DEA idiocy allowing guns to be walked to Mexican drug cartels? It gets your dander up, doesn't it?

I think that the police need to get their shit together. So I will give them a warning. Police go home like everyone else. They go to sleep in the same communities that they have authority over. Its not hard to figure out where they are. We see patrol cars parked in drive ways. We see them handing out tickets at the side of the round. Our children see them doing drug awareness programs at the schools. We know these guys and gals. They're part of our communities. They do not live in barracks or castles. Just ranch styles, apartments, and split levels like the rest of us. It is a police officers best interest to have a community that trusts them and supports them. Because in the blink of an eye they can become targets. To criminals looking for revenge, terrorists, or even mobs of a community felt wronged. Push comes to shove and disasters happen. When the world is filled with chaos, you want people that will come to your aid. Not ones that will aid only in destroying you. You want people that will take care of your family while you have to go out fight the good fight. You do not want them to be alone against a hostile world.

You have to sleep in the bed you make, police officers. If you spend your career looking down on your fellow citizens as serfs and peasants to be lorded over, kicked aside, and used for your own goals or petty whims. You're only hurting yourself. Alone, without your blue brothers and sisters, you're very vulnerable. As are the ones you love. Endeavor to be polite and professional, and remember that even if they're suspects, they're still your community. I think you'll find more people willing to jump to your aid. More people willing to make sure your family and home is safe, too. Its easy for me to say these things, I'm not a cop. But I am part of your community and that community has entrusted authority to you to do your job. Before you look for excuses to jail us or take our property or even hurt us or when you see your fellow officers do ill, remember that you sleep next door to us.

Some Saturday Morning Sexy: Blackhawk Tatang

Now, I'm really darn affectionate towards subhilted knives. I feel they are safer and stay in the hand better than straight grips. Two subhilts I've been jonesing for are the Cold Steel Black Bear Classic and the single edged Cold Steel OSS. Both blades are in the 8inch size. However its over $300 for the black bear and over $100 for the san mai version of the OSS fighter. The quest for great subhilts continues though and I just found another large one. The Blackhawk Tatang.

Subhilt? Check. Big fixed blade. Check. Looks cool as fuck. Check. Reasonably priced? can be found under $70. Check! I would love to handle one of these.

Edit: Almost forgot, the back edge is sharp. This is a double edged knife. Also carbon steel blade. Not stainless, as too many 'tactical' blades tend to be.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Friday Wishlist: Bayonet Ready Mossberg 590a1 18.5 with 6rd tube

The excellent Mossberg 590a1 is a military issue pump action shotgun in use by the US military and various law enforcement agencies across the US. Despite the many versions with differing sights, finishes, stocks, and accessories offered, there are only two primary size/capacity versions available. The 20inch barrel version which features a 8rd magazine and the 18.5 inch barrel type with a 5 round magazine. The 20inch versions often feature a bayonet lug, while the 18.5 inch version's magazine is considerably shorter than the barrel making a bayonet attachment impossible. Shorter shotguns are easier to wield in close spaces. My 870 wears a 18.5 and a short stock and is only an inch over a yard long for that very reason! However, mine has a 6rd magazine tube that is virtually flush with the muzzle. Unfortunately, the design of the shorter 590a1 means that it is always limited to 5rds. No extension is possible. Also that eliminates something I'd also like on static defensive shotgun. 8inches of sharp steel. Good for a phalanx against goblins and rioting chavs during reload.

Mossberg. You make a very beloved shotgun. One that the infamous JayG loves for its stabbity goodness. However, I, and I'm certain lots of other people, would love to see a bayonet ready, 6rd magazine version of your 18.5 590a1. Guys, it would SELL. Remington would not be happy. I would not have an 870 right now. I'd have an 590a1.

Oh yeah, I'd have one of these sweet ass Ontario USMC bayonets on it. 8inches of carbon steel stabbolicious.

Leaving the Gunblogger Conspiracy

For the last year or two, I've been a regular in a most excellent IRC channel known as the Gunblogger Conspiracy. A fine group of folks, bloggers and not. They got me into blogging, and listened to my gripes and gave me plenty of advice about guns, life, and great eats. I recently made some comments that came close to violating one of the few rules. Others that had done this have been banned permanently. Most of the powers that be, sided with me, and decided that a ban would unreasonable. However, some of the GBC community that were conflicted and others that outright believed me to be in the wrong. There are friends in that later group that I have a lot of respect for. That condemnation is simply too much for me . Thus, I accept responsibility for my words at their face value and I bid farewell to the Conspiracy.
I'm sorry for all the drama, GGC community. I should have minded my words much better. It was a blast though guys. Take care.

Edit: The person that did the original banning has nothing to do with my decision. Please leave that one be. I never cared what that one thought of me or my actions. Fair is fair.

note: If you no longer wish to be associated this blog, toss me an email to malodorousroadkill at gmail and I'll remove links.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Friday Wishlist: S&W 6shot j-frame

Not too long ago, Taurus put out a new version of one of their better regarded products, the Taurus 85 j-frame size revolver. This new version, the 856 was available in a new weird but light magnesium frame and a classic steel frame, but the biggest difference was that it was a 6shooter instead of a 5. I had the opportunity to handle one and even briefly drop it into my own 638's Mika Pocket Holster. It fit perfectly despite being slightly larger. This was very tempting. It wasn't a concealed or bobbed hammer design, but it still was an extra round for not much more weight and a virtually unnoticeable increase in size. Smith & Wesson... Why have you not done this? Offer this for about 100 to 150 more in alloy, scandium, and steel. If you did this with a concealed hammer, tritium sight, and perhaps a 20oz scandium frame, it would literally be the perfect CCW revolver. A 4inch version with longer grip, full steel frame, and a slicked up trigger would be a wonderful first gun for a lot of people with smaller hands. If you make it. They will buy!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Friday WishList: Ruger Redhawk .45 colt/.45 acp

In the last few years Ruger made a new 4inch version of their classic Redhawk large bore revolver in .44 magnum and .45 Colt. After seeing the new S&W Governor which is .410, 45colt, and cut for .45 acp moon clips, I am suddenly wondering why it wouldn't be good for Ruger to offer a version of the Redhawk .45 Colt thats cut for moonclips too. The Redhawk can take the powerful magnum level .45 colt +Ps and will both serve as a hunting revolver and a bear defense gun. For home defense, good loads for .45 colt are rare and expensive, but not so with .45 ACP! With piles of choices for plinking and defensive loads, .45acp is also generally available everywhere ammo is solid. The moon clips would make for faster reloads while administering 'social services'. You'd have me sold. I'm really considering a Governor for its excellent price point and extremely versatility of a gun in functional calibers. But a Redhawk can go full house magnum power, the S&W cannot. If you're reading this Ruger, please consider this!

Carbiner Carry for Fixed-Blades

Concealed carrying fixed blade knives isn't always easy. First off, the companies often skimp on sheath designs. They may be just cheap neck knife sheaths that have no clips or belt knife sheaths with just loops or the materials are weak or any of dozens of issues. Secondly, belt carry can be very difficult especially if you don't have a cover piece. Even IWB with a shirt covering has its own set of disadvantages. It might be hard to get to and also brings the very real danger of cutting yourself. One method of carry I've come to like is pocket carry. It's very concealable and reasonably easy to access but the big downside is that few sheaths are made for this form of carry. I had to good fortune to catch an interesting system for pocket carry while looking at reviews of the Cold Steel Kiridashi in a video by WellAllJuggleKnives.

In the video, the simple neck knife sheath had a single keyring put through one of the holes and then attached to a simple carbiner. The carbiner clips onto the edge of your pocket or in the belt loop. All or most of the knife disappears into your pocket. When drawn the sheath with rise up until reaching the end of its tether. This has an added safety advantage by protecting your thigh from the edge during the draw. Then your knife is out and ready for EDC or crisis use. I carry my Cold Steel mini-tac tanto offhand with the low pocket method while at work and use the belt loop when I have a cover or when out and about.

This is a very simple and useful system that adds a lot of utility to a simple cheap sheath for fixed blades especially neck knives. It can also be used in your car, at your desk, beds, on backpacks, or even hanging on your shower with a high corrosion resistant stainless steel blade. I think the addition of a pocket clip to the grip of the fixed blade could make this system even easier to use. The 2-zero from Nemesis Knives has a clip like this and I would love to try it in combination.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Cold Steel Mini-Tac Tanto & Kiridashi

I continue the quest to find small fixed knives for offhand carry. A solid choice for offhand carry is the Mini-Tac line from Cold Steel. Of these four knives, I own two. The Tanto and the Kiridashi. Both are lightweight and constructed from AUS8 steel and feature excellent textured G10 handles. The handles are honestly the best feature of this series. They are what is known as a subhilt. Subhilts do not fully lock the index finger like the ring on a LaGriff style, but still provide considerable extra security. It is difficult to get a hand disengaged from a subhilt. This is a bonus in safety that cannot be understated. Even the slipperiest conditions, you will not have to be concerned with your hand riding up to the blade or the knife slipping out of your hand to hit your foot.

The Kiridashi's blade style is very similar to a box cutter. It is after all a version of an ancient utility blade style from Japan. Its deadly easy to sharp its straight edge, but being AUS8 be very mindful of your tip. Its easy to bend. However, its sharp enough to easily slice open any sort of meat you might have to deal with.

The Tanto is about 1/2 an inch longer, and seems a lot more sturdy. I carry this a lot offhand in my pocket. I also like the straight spine and the fine jimping. The AUS8 sharpens well enough, too. Unfortunately, I have quickly realized that I am not a fan of the Americanize tanto style. The true tanto style is a pretty conventional curve instead of the less useful angular double point. Curves are much better slicers and slashers. Tantos are good stabbers, even with the American style and in stainless steel. I do have faith in its ability to penetrate.

Both come with metal chains and cheap plastic neck sheaths that cover the subhilt. A poor design. The subhilt adds too much in drawing to be so covered. Also, they do not come with belt clips. To carry them, I use something I've taken to calling 'carbiner carry' which is a cheap way to get some better use out of simple neck knife sheaths.

For less than $40 each, these are a solid buy. A good choice for offhand carry or just plain EDC that won't break the bank. Check out the others in the mini-tac line. A fat beavertail blade and a skinner. I wish Cold Steel would do a spear point version or at least give the tanto a traditional curve.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Friday WishList: Listen Up CRKT!

I do not own many CRKT knives, but one I have very much enjoyed is Kit Carson's M16. Its a very classy and very popular series of liner lock folders that are known for their extra blade lock. While, mine had issues with the pocketclip that prevented its carry after I lost screws a second time, I am still in awe of the wonderful feeling grip, the flipper role as guard, and the solid spear point blade design. CRKT, I beg you to make a fixed blade version of this knife! I want the same ergos, but I want a full tang on this bad boy! Blade size is fine for me, but if you used a better steel(s30v etc), a version in 4-5inch would be pretty damn awesome for a mid-sized fixed EDC! As it stands the 3.5 is a great size and shape for a boot/belt/CCW knife. Toss in a decent sheath with some options for open and concealed carry and this thing will sell.