Saturday, January 28, 2012

Kabar's 2012 Catalog Released & Pricing Info

Kabar released the PDF to their 2012 Catalog a few days ago. In it are the new Beckers I'm so excited about and also some more exact stats on them.

The BK15, the largest of these new tweeners, is an Asian tanto style with a 5-1/2" blade and 10 3/8" over all.

The BK16 is a drop point and Ethan Becker's own pick of the litter. It is smaller than the tanto with a 4-3/8" blade and 9-1/4" overall.

The handsome BK17 is a clip point with the same blade and overall length as the BK16.

All three are made in the USA from 1095 cro-van high carbon steel blades, come with both black & brown zytel polymer grips, and a cordura sheath. The MSRP is $107.49.

Traditionally, the dealer cost for Kabar knives is one half of the MSRP. Doing up a few averages based on KnifeCenter's asking price for various Kabar made Beckers, I'm estimating the mark up to be around 22% so we should see these going for about $65.95 at Knife Center. I expect for most sites $60-80 will be the normal range.

That's not a horrible cost for what should be one of the best medium fixed blade knives coming out this year. Especially considering that ESEE-4's are going for around $125. Those should be the medium sized carbon steel blades that these knives will be compared to the most.

I doubt the Becker sheaths are going to be much count. However, for the price savings a decent custom sheath shouldn't be too onerous a purchase. Especially if the performance and quality is up to expectations. Kabar might want to invest in making some good sheaths for customers to buy later or go ahead and offer a more expensive package.

I like all these designs and sizes are right for so many uses. If I like the BK17, I will most likely get the other two as well. They're just that cool.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

2012 Boker Fixed Blades

Boker is starting off the year right with several new additions to the Boker Plus fixed blade line. Several of these are in the small EDC/Neck knife niche. Boker has really been impressing me with their small EDC knives lately. They're usually in good old 440C and the Boker Plus line is usually a hell of a bargain. They've added three that I found rather appealing.

The 440C, Nippon Necker, is an interesting 3inch bladed true tanto, rather than double pointed American Tanto. The scales are G10 and it looks like a really solid choice for an EDC fixed blade. Good lines!

The MTT, is what I refer to as a 'Scalpel-style' knife. The blade is very short in comparison to the grip. It really looks like a great multi-purpose knife with a highly controllable tip. I could see someone using this one a lot as a fixed box cutter or as a hobby knife. Also, featuring G10 grips and 440C steel.

A little more bizzare is this Karambit inspired, Newton Martin K-Bit. This is a classic claw style. Claws are great for opening boxes, cutting lines, and hurting goblins. The ring on this differs from the popular LaGriff-style claw knives, in that the ring is for the middle or the ring finger depending on normal or reverse grip. 440C here again too.

Boker is making a lot of nice small knives these days. I wish they'd use better steels sometimes, but many of today's neck knives are made of sub-par steels and have poor fit and finish so I don't feel I have a lot of room to complain. I look forward to the reviews on these. The K-Bit might be just the thing to replace my poor lost Emerson LaGriff.

Monday, January 23, 2012

CRKT SPEW: Cool New Design, but Who Named it?

One CRKT's 2012 catalog items is coming out is the S.P.E.W. or Small Pocket Everyday Warncliffe. It is a very handsome warncliffe sporting G10 grips with a blade around 3inches designed by Alan Folts, who designed the Minimalist. Looks like a great choice for an EDC knife except that 'SPEW' is what I think when I looked up the steel it's made of. 5CR15MoV is to be better than my personal whipping boy 420hc. 420hc has a place, but I think that is in liners and other parts of knives that don't involve sharp edges. AUS8 and 440C are really a minimum for a serious knife in my opinion.

Also, SPEW? Really? You want to name a knife with an acronym that involves vomiting? Was P.O.O.P already taken?

I'm really liking the design on this. It looks slick as hell. Handsome little blade. Looks right for EDC or for a little emergency goblin shanking. It is going to retail for around $30. If I found one of these local, I might impulse buy. Heck for $20bucks shipped, I'd preorder one now. Close to $40? I'm going to have to really think about it. There's flashlights and Beckers to buy.

Edit: Alan Folts named this one. I was wanting to think that CRKT for some brainfarty reason. Sorry, Alan. I'd love a custom version of this, but man, the name stinks!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Ethan Becker Video of the Becker Line

Here's a great video I found posted on the Shot Show thread in the Becker Knife & Tool subforum on BladeForum. Here Ethan Becker himself shows off the classic Becker knives and the newest ones from Kabar. There's a few in lines in here I love too. I really wish I could get to meet and talk to Mr. Becker!

The reintroduced BK4 actually looks like an awesome small kukri style. Modern, but classically functional. And this is a 30 year old design!

However, the real drooling happens with the new small drop point, tanto, and clip point. They look like the mid sized multi-role blades I and a lot of other folks have been waiting for. The grips look wonderful and very comfortable. Blades are going to have good deep bellies and good grinds.

I've heard that they're going to be shipping in March if all goes well. I may need to preorder the bowie. Not too keen on the sheath for carry, so I'll have to get the lead out and learn how to make my own.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

New Beckers from Kabar at Shot Show 2012

Some pictures from Moose, a poster at BladeForums, show several new Becker knives coming out this year in a Shot Show Thread.

Becker Knife and Tool has been well known for their large size modern tactical carbon steel knives and also has had good success from their small sized 'Becker Neckers'. Three of these new blades are smaller versions of some of their larger models. A bowie, a drop point, and an Asian tanto. They're most likely around 4inches in blade length. Their handles are zytel and are using a new finish.

I'm really excited about these knives. They're the right size for serious working EDC or defensive use. They're most likely high carbon steel, so they're going to be very strong too. I can't wait to see the price, too.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Drugs & Anti-gunners

If you look around at the NRA Anti-gun organization, celebrity, and business page. You find the paragons of virtue that denounce guns as ultimate evil tools. However, if you just alone take the celebrity list and look into their records you find the worst sort of hypocrisy. Buyers and users of illegal drugs.

I am of a libertarian stint, I believe that drugs should be made legal. However, I totally and utterly oppose the purchase and use of them until the day they become legal. Criminal empires are fueled by those drugs. Tens of thousands of criminals and innocent civilians die each year thanks to the drug trade. They die in direct conflict between criminals, in robberies, in transport of drugs, and in the crossfire of these crimes. Behind each of those deaths is someone who bought those illegal drugs. That bloody money is what makes those murders profitable and also what pays for the arms used to commit them.

Anyone who claims to be anti-gun and has used illegal drugs has done more to support murder and death than your average pro-gunner. Most pro-gunners are rather drug free. After all, we have background checks to pass when we support rights.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Don't Think I'll Be Using GunsAmerica Again Any Time Soon...

One of GunsAmerica's boys, Paul Helinski, just stuck his foot in his mouth, badly. In the comments on an official Shot Show post about GunBloggers and Viral Media:
Now the question is when you are going to start qualifying internet media? We have to crawl over nobodies who can install wordpress and have nobody reading anything they write, It isn't so hard to qualify internet media using and Why do you waste the manufacturers' time and make the real internet media have to deal with wish I were internet journalists who are just using your stamp of approve to solicit review guns and accessories? You've created this giant gorilla in the room and we all have to deal with it, and you may think the industry takes your numbers seriously, but everyone sees things for what they are. If you are serious about bringing value to your exhibitors, you need to vet the press list.
It isn't about regular readership. Not everyone is a SaysUncle or JayG or GunBlast or the FirearmBlog. They don't have to be. Lemme explain the words:

Bloggers post about things they see. These posts end up on the Google search engine. People want to know more about things, so they search. Then they find these posts. These posts help them decide to purchase things or even just promote talking about them. Even little guys will get hits if they get something out that folks are searching for information on.

A lot of people shun professional gun rags, because do you ever see bad reviews? The blogger seems more personal and more like the reader. Readers want to read about the bad and the good. Your average blogger will do this. And if the industry throws the little guy some bones? He might just be a little nicer in his reporting.

However, Mr. "MyNameSoundsLiketheBradyCampaignsBigWig", just fucked himself and his company. Those same bloggers are now unhappy. They will not be so nice to GunsAmerica. They will tell others that, too. GunsAmerica might find their profits down as less people decide to shop there. You damn fool. We nobodies were on your side.

Update: Things are still gone over on this. It is on the verge of going into a flame war. Jeff Quinn of GunBlast has actually spoken up and is on the side of Paul. Paul also makes mention of how 'bloggers' have marginalized print magazines. Sorry, Mr. Quinn. I respect what you do, but I have to give my honest opinion.

GunBlast is an internet print mag in that you rarely find anything bad about he has up for review. Print mags have an economic reason to do this. They can't piss off their advertisers! Neither can Jeff piss of the sources of his review guns and equipment. He may be getting guns that are tinkered with by the manufacturers to make them perfect. I cannot say. But considering the lack of negative, I'll take his words with a grain of salt.

The one thing I truly love the most about Quinn and GunBlast is the shot show coverage every year. I get to see what is new and cool for the new year. It is almost like an information Christmas! Sure, he worked hard and for long years. However, when he got his foot in the door, the years weren't so long then. How would he have taken the same words back then?

h/t from SaysUncle So sorry I didn't get this in there sooner!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Model 1909 Argentine Artillery Hanger

One of the oldest pieces in my collection. This a 13inch bladed Artillery Hanger, a type of short sword, made in Weyersberg Germany out of Solingen steel back when it REALLY meant something. Bought for $30 from a pawn shop in my teenage years. I tried to have someone sharpen it, but he let a young relative scratch it up. I was foolish then, and didn't understand to leave it be. They go for $150 and up in better condition.

It has some rust that I need to take care of. Any suggestions?

WishList for Shot Show 2012!

Once again it is one of my favorite times of the year, Shot Show! The magical time when we get to see what the firearms, accessory, and knife industries think we need, want, or will buy. So what do I want to see this year?

A domestic semi-auto pistol carbine that is better than a kel-tec, but not as overpriced as a Beretta Storm Carbine. Should take available pistol magazines! At least one version in 9mm. Would be extra sweet if it was very short and around 5lbs or less.

Smith & Wesson Bodyguard semi-auto up-scaled and chambered for 9x19mm. Maybe my biggest want for this year. Because I'll most likely get one for my wife who needs a CCW piece.

Crimson Trace Lightguard for revolvers like the GP-100 or the S&W j-frames.

A good looking carbon steel bowie style knife over 9inches in size but under $100.

Smith & Wesson 6rd J-frame + revolver. Taurus has one that will fit in my 638 holster, but I like S&W better. GIMME.

Mossberg semi-auto shotgun done up like a 590a1 so it can take a bayonet and has all that lovely extra metal! That would rock so hard.

A surefire-like LED shotgun forearm light system. Surefire's are stupidly expensive. Fenix or Streamlight could do this with no problems and still be just as good as a surefire.

Modern pump action .357 or 44mag rifle.

Apex Tactical trigger kits for Sig-Sauer's like the 2022.

Subhilt defensive, fighting, and EDC knives!

I could come up with more, and I might still, but this is enough for now.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Cold Steel's 2012 New Product List

Cold Steel has finally produced its list of upcoming products for 2012. I am TOTALLY disappointed. Instead of the drop or spear point Mini-Tac that I have been lusting for, we have the tanto and the skinner types coming in serrated... Woopdy fucking doo.

There are 5 swords(no kindjal meh), an axe, 2 spears, a naval dirk, 2 sword machetes, an expensive Kukri in sk5 carbon steel, a few stainless fixed blades, and a several new lockbacks including a mini and micro size for the Recon I series. At least all three sizes will have a spearpoint version now.

I am feeling depressingly underwhelmed. I was really looking forward to Cold Steel's new product list this year. Well, at least Benchmade looks like they're going to have a great year for new goods.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Light a Candle Against Violence

My candle lantern is lit against violence and my first lines of defense against violence in home and abroad, respectively, remain vigilant in both light and darkness.

From left to right: Ruger GP-100 .357 magnum 3", Boker Trench Dagger 5.5", Cold Steel Mini-Tac Tanto 3.5", Smith & Wesson 639 Bodyguard .38 Special 1 & 7/8"

For more of this head over to Weerd Beard's master post.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Finally! Fenix Tk50 & BokerPlus Rambler!

Thirty minutes after returning from a successful trip to the much improved shooting range, the brown truck of joy graced me with a package from BladeHQ. Inside was the Fenix Tk50 and the Boker Plus Rambler.

The TK50 is a powerful 2 D-Cell LED light and the Rambler is small EDC fixed blade made from 440C.

I'll have to wait until tonight to get some beamshots of the Fenix. They should be most illuminating. Har har.

A Neat Upcoming Benchmade/Harley Davidson Fixed Blade

2012 is already shaping up to be a good year for knives. Several nice looking blades have shown up on BladeForums in a thread for new Benchmade knives. One is part of Benchmade's line of blades made for Harley Davidson. One fixed blade has really caught my eye, the Madcap.

This blade is a modest 4.66 inch long, an excellent defensive blade size. It is on the higher end size for what I like to be made out of 440C stainless, but still within acceptable limits. The shape looks to be a modified drop point recurve. Very similar to a SOG Spec Elite I or II. The grips are g10, which is my favorite grip material. It also has a deep choil which is much like the sub hilts I rant and gibber on about like a Cthulhu cultist with a blasphemous idol. The pommel terminates at an near point that would enable breaking both auto glass and faces with equal aplomb.

This is a sexy blade that is going to be retailing for about $88.95 according to BladeHQ. I am always looking for knives of this size. A little bigger than the normal 3-4 inch range of small defensive knives, but under $100. Since it is 440c, I wish it were about 15 bucks cheaper at least. If the sheath is decent, it might be worth checking out. Oh hell, who am I kidding? I'm going to check it out anyway.

On another note, the package mentioned a week ago is finally out for delivery this morning. About time! Also, I'll be headed to the range this morning to test out my Sig 245 and also to get some much needed trigger time in with my primary carry, the S&W 638 j-frame.

Update: Its not Madcap as BladeHQ's site says, instead it is Mad Cat.

Update2: Benchmade lists it as Madcap. *sigh*

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Teenage Self-Defense in Florida

Daniels in the Gunblogger Conspiracy IRC channel, posted this link about the criminal charges brought against a teenager who used a pocket knife lethally in self-defense against another teen in Florida.

The short version is that one fourteen year old boy, who had a pocket knife, attempted to avoid a fight with another older boy by getting off the bus several stops before where the fight was supposed to take place. Unfortunately, the aggressor exited the bus with some friends at his back and assaulted the victim cravenly from behind and continued the attack. This caused the victim to draw a pocket knife and begin to fight back. Out of twelve knife strikes, two managed to be lethal for the still attacking older teen. The local authorities charged the fourteen year old with second degree murder and went to court. However, under Florida's "Stand your ground law", a judge threw out the charges.

The judge made it clear that the boy had attempted to avoid the fight, while armed, and was under assault from the first hit to the fatal blow with his blade in a place he had every single right to be in. He had reason to believe that his life was in danger and he acted in a legal fashion.

Of course plenty of people are calling the victim a murderer. People have some sort of weird idea that it was the boy's duty to accept his 'beat down'. That he was a girl to avoid the attack. Those people are so very wrong.

The boy acted exactly how a CCWer should act. He was armed for his own protection, and took steps to avoid conflict knowing that. That failed. He was chased down and assaulted, sucker punched from the onset.

The attacker also had friends with him. When things go south for the attacker, friends often step in. Then it would have degraded into a gang beating. To me that's a big motivator to fight back with everything. I've been in situations similar. Being at the total mercy of teenagers is nothing anyone wants.

Lastly, in the end the victim fought back with an utterly inadequate weapon. Then he only made two lethal hits out of twelve. His blade will have been in the range of 2.5 to 3.5 inches. Almost impossible to deliver an instant fight stopping hit. When knives come out there are often far more hits than that.

People just don't understand the world of a youth. It is not so much sunshine and smiles. Horrible things happen and never get reported. There is a weird code of honor and a lot of fear to back it up. Children are extorted, tortured, sexually assaulted, and robbed. Crimes that merit violent and lethal self-defense among adults are laughed off as kids being kids. Teenagers are not totally children, but not totally adults. They often have the physical power of adults, but not the brains in their skulls to keep them from misusing it.

One kid is dead, he might have made something of his life, I'd rather he have gotten some good wounds and learned. Yet, he reaped what he sowed. When cornered people fight. That kid that fought back will have to live with his actions. He is one of us. One of the CCWers out there. He's no murderer, but he's a killer. Any one of us could be him one day.