Wednesday, January 18, 2012

New Beckers from Kabar at Shot Show 2012

Some pictures from Moose, a poster at BladeForums, show several new Becker knives coming out this year in a Shot Show Thread.

Becker Knife and Tool has been well known for their large size modern tactical carbon steel knives and also has had good success from their small sized 'Becker Neckers'. Three of these new blades are smaller versions of some of their larger models. A bowie, a drop point, and an Asian tanto. They're most likely around 4inches in blade length. Their handles are zytel and are using a new finish.

I'm really excited about these knives. They're the right size for serious working EDC or defensive use. They're most likely high carbon steel, so they're going to be very strong too. I can't wait to see the price, too.

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Dan said...

Yeah man, like you said earlier - these look like a total home run. Good job Ka-Bar!