Friday, January 13, 2012

Don't Think I'll Be Using GunsAmerica Again Any Time Soon...

One of GunsAmerica's boys, Paul Helinski, just stuck his foot in his mouth, badly. In the comments on an official Shot Show post about GunBloggers and Viral Media:
Now the question is when you are going to start qualifying internet media? We have to crawl over nobodies who can install wordpress and have nobody reading anything they write, It isn't so hard to qualify internet media using and Why do you waste the manufacturers' time and make the real internet media have to deal with wish I were internet journalists who are just using your stamp of approve to solicit review guns and accessories? You've created this giant gorilla in the room and we all have to deal with it, and you may think the industry takes your numbers seriously, but everyone sees things for what they are. If you are serious about bringing value to your exhibitors, you need to vet the press list.
It isn't about regular readership. Not everyone is a SaysUncle or JayG or GunBlast or the FirearmBlog. They don't have to be. Lemme explain the words:

Bloggers post about things they see. These posts end up on the Google search engine. People want to know more about things, so they search. Then they find these posts. These posts help them decide to purchase things or even just promote talking about them. Even little guys will get hits if they get something out that folks are searching for information on.

A lot of people shun professional gun rags, because do you ever see bad reviews? The blogger seems more personal and more like the reader. Readers want to read about the bad and the good. Your average blogger will do this. And if the industry throws the little guy some bones? He might just be a little nicer in his reporting.

However, Mr. "MyNameSoundsLiketheBradyCampaignsBigWig", just fucked himself and his company. Those same bloggers are now unhappy. They will not be so nice to GunsAmerica. They will tell others that, too. GunsAmerica might find their profits down as less people decide to shop there. You damn fool. We nobodies were on your side.

Update: Things are still gone over on this. It is on the verge of going into a flame war. Jeff Quinn of GunBlast has actually spoken up and is on the side of Paul. Paul also makes mention of how 'bloggers' have marginalized print magazines. Sorry, Mr. Quinn. I respect what you do, but I have to give my honest opinion.

GunBlast is an internet print mag in that you rarely find anything bad about he has up for review. Print mags have an economic reason to do this. They can't piss off their advertisers! Neither can Jeff piss of the sources of his review guns and equipment. He may be getting guns that are tinkered with by the manufacturers to make them perfect. I cannot say. But considering the lack of negative, I'll take his words with a grain of salt.

The one thing I truly love the most about Quinn and GunBlast is the shot show coverage every year. I get to see what is new and cool for the new year. It is almost like an information Christmas! Sure, he worked hard and for long years. However, when he got his foot in the door, the years weren't so long then. How would he have taken the same words back then?

h/t from SaysUncle So sorry I didn't get this in there sooner!


Gay_Cynic said...

Take a look at from's the upgraded GunWeek.

Dan said...

Wow! RK, I totally agree - this guy doesn't know what hes talking about. This is America, anything is possible. And I agree with the article, the companies should increase their adspend in internet media. But I don't want to say too much and put my own foot in my mouth, but basically you have people operating in the stone age. A lot of these types are going to end up unemployed unfortunately unless they get smart and get flexible. Just my .02