Sunday, April 18, 2010

Appleseed & Bad Eyesight

I participated in an Appleseed shoot this Saturday. It was a beautiful day, and the people were nice. I learned an awful lot about marksmanship, but I did miserably in my shooting. I took my Yugoslavian m70 underfolder. Many suggested that I should not, because of the poor accuracy of the AK. I felt that it could do the job and I still do. I feel that the sub 100 scores were due to user error. The single biggest issue I had was actually seeing my targets at 25 yards. Once I put the front sight up, I could no longer even differentiate between any of the smaller 300 and 400 yard targets. A blur for me, is much worse than for you guys with good eyesight. So, I need new glasses and a rifle that takes some optics.
While, I did not return for my 2nd day, I feel I learned massive amounts. I now know a lot more about trigger control, using a sling to steady my rifle, position, breathing, and a good bit more of history of the first day of open rebellion from Great Britain. I think will be able to practice more effectively with my rifles.
Some of the sling stuff I think was a nearly useless. One involved taking off part of the sling and wrapping around the arm. For me that seemed just pointless. The Hasty sling allows for fast sling assisted grip for actual fighting positions. That seemed to be the most practical.
After the day's shooting, I am a bit disappointed with the Yugo Underfolder. I never originally intended to get an underfolder yugo. I wanted a fixed stock, but with a new possible AWB, I felt I needed a black rifle immediately. Its handy, and the recoil isn't bad, but I just feel that the stock is bothersome. Harder to deploy than a side folder, and its just metal against your shoulder. There is no cheek-weld either. I've decided to sell the old Yugo. I've recently gotten my old Saiga 7.62x39 back, and am working on converting it to a proper configuration. The funds from the sale of the saiga will most likely provide for a good solid fun .22lr autoloader for practice and later Appleseeds. A sig 522 would be classy and cool for such purposes.