Saturday, February 13, 2010

Kershaw Skyline

I first saw the Skyline at my local Walmart. After I got to handle it, I liked the feel enough to pick it up for around 30 dollars. This is a pretty good knife, not perfect though. The first big positive is that this is one sharp knife. NIB it was razor sharp. After 6 months of pretty regular use, I had a friend and scout leader sharpen it back to razor sharpness. The blade a relatively broad thin drop-point style. This is dangerous if you're not used to very sharp blades. Next on the list of good features is the flipper. It flicks the blade into position very readily and then combines with the cut in the handle to become an excellent finger guard. This feature along with the G10 scales make for a firm grip on the handle. The liner lock also works well and disengages properly. Blade deployment is smooth. The knife is also very light. All of these features make this a very solid choice for an EDC blade.

Already, the Skyline is well worth the 30 dollars. However, were Kershaw to make a new version of this, there are a number of things to improve this design. First and foremost is the pocketclip. The pocketclip is short, fat, and hard to clip onto your pants. It will cause premature wear on your pocket. Deployment of the knife only reinforces the clip's troublesome nature. Next is the lack of jimping. While a firm grip i s still possible, the jimping adds some control that I'd simply prefer on a knife this sharp. Lastly, the thumstuds are useless for opening or closing the blade. They are sharp on the fingers and totally useless. Kershaw should either remove them or make them useful.

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