Monday, May 18, 2009

Retro Tactical!

At the recent NRA convention, Stoeger unveiled something of an oddity. An ATAS side by side double barreled shotgun!
The Stoeger Double Defensive Coach gun comes in 12 or 20 gauge. It has 20inch barrels, is only about 36inches over all, has a fiber optic front sight, and possesses both a top rail for optics and an under slung accessory rail from forearm to muzzle. I'm sure this seems really overkill and downright silly, but I can see some real utility here.

The double barreled shotgun has long been an important utility weapon. Side by sides have served in just about every capacity a gun can serve in. Security, police, military, sporting, and even pest control in the past. It continues to harvest game, remove pests, and protect homesteads around the world. These additions are not an attempt to make the shotgun into a SWAT or infantry weapon, but rather to make it more useful a tool.

The optics rail allows for traditional scopes or newer optics like red dots and holographic sights. The new generations of modern optics allow a firearm to be on target faster and clearer in low light conditions. Useful when dealing with fast flying and destructive black birds or rabbits in the garden. The real winner is the accessory rail. When checking out noises outside the home at night, a light is an absolute necessity. Long arms need both hands to use properly and safely. Pump actions have a myriad of mounting options for lights, why not a double?

The tactical treatment could easily be applied to other older types of firearms. Bolt actions, lever actions, and pump actions rifles and shotguns. Also, double action revolvers, and even single action revolvers could be served with a few 'tactical' improvements.