Saturday, January 9, 2010

Internet Slapfight!

Rob Russell, big man and violent liberal, has been talking smack about pro-gunners and then editing their blog posts to his site. Figures. Here's my newest post to be saved before possibly being edited on his site.

Your comments tell me different. Your 'big man' mentality is telling you to throw your weight around and make some terroristic threats. If you truly didn't care, you wouldn't bother slap fighting with trolls. Making violent threats against people on the internet only cheapens your position and possibly endangers it. You do live in a society where you should worry about what your common sense cannot overcome. What happens if your comments get forwarded to the cops, or your East Tennessee bosses? Or to news agencies if you bid for congress again? Will they just laugh it off because of "Those stupid conservative pro-gun nutjobs" or will the officer investigating be insulted by you taking about how much you like hitting conservative assholes.