Monday, May 14, 2012

Becker BK-17 Modification

A few days ago, I decided I didn't like the finish on the BK-17. It is much similar to skateboard tape in its appearance and texture. I find that somewhat strange for a knife to be so rough. Therefore, I decided I wanted to strip the finish off and go with a classic stainless look.

Hitting the forums I found several other folks that shared my opinion and whom had stripped their Beckers. One agent often used is Citrusstrip.  This paint and finish remover is none fuming and biodegradable.  I dunked my BK-17 in this gloop and threw it into a disposable cake pan and waited for 20 hours.

I rinsed the agent off with hot water and tried removing the finish with a wire brush. I had expected the finish to come right off but had no results.  I was stumped for a while until I remembered I had a dental pick.  I was able to put a scratch into the finish and amazingly the pick slid under the coating. The coating had become like a latex. By sticking the pick under this skin I was able to raise it up enough to pull large bits off.  Together with the pick and a razor blade, I managed to scrape off of the old coating off within an hour.

It will nose need lots of sanding to give it a a bright finish and remove the scratches that the coating removal left behind. I look forward to a finish product in a few days!

UPDATE: After discussing my finishing options with some of the guys in #sharpthings, I decided to clean up the blade really good before I choose my route.  Under the extremely rough traction coating is a stonewash finish.  All it took was a good scrub with hot water and dish soap to make this knife look pretty darn good.  I'll leave it like this for a while.

Friday, May 11, 2012

First Look at the Becker BK-17 Clip Point


Finally, the main production version of the carbon steel Becker Knife & Tool/Ka-Bar BK-17 clip point is out! The grip is comfy and has a very solid feel and heft. Balance is very nice. Jimping has a good depth. Sharpness is passable, but I think a few minutes on my croc sticks should get it going a bit better.


This one just came in a few hours ago from BladeHQ. I used the free shipping option and surprisingly USPS got this to me from Utah within 3 days. I am not so pleased with the fact that it was ordered Friday night and didn't ship until Wednesday.  There are both bigger knife shops and smaller ones that could have worst had it gone on Tuesday. Many could have had it out by Monday night.



Shortly, I'll be hitting the yard for some much needed mowing and this fellow will be on my hip. Perhaps, there will be something to test it on out there.  I'll have more on this knife in the following weeks.