Tuesday, January 24, 2012

2012 Boker Fixed Blades

Boker is starting off the year right with several new additions to the Boker Plus fixed blade line. Several of these are in the small EDC/Neck knife niche. Boker has really been impressing me with their small EDC knives lately. They're usually in good old 440C and the Boker Plus line is usually a hell of a bargain. They've added three that I found rather appealing.

The 440C, Nippon Necker, is an interesting 3inch bladed true tanto, rather than double pointed American Tanto. The scales are G10 and it looks like a really solid choice for an EDC fixed blade. Good lines!

The MTT, is what I refer to as a 'Scalpel-style' knife. The blade is very short in comparison to the grip. It really looks like a great multi-purpose knife with a highly controllable tip. I could see someone using this one a lot as a fixed box cutter or as a hobby knife. Also, featuring G10 grips and 440C steel.

A little more bizzare is this Karambit inspired, Newton Martin K-Bit. This is a classic claw style. Claws are great for opening boxes, cutting lines, and hurting goblins. The ring on this differs from the popular LaGriff-style claw knives, in that the ring is for the middle or the ring finger depending on normal or reverse grip. 440C here again too.

Boker is making a lot of nice small knives these days. I wish they'd use better steels sometimes, but many of today's neck knives are made of sub-par steels and have poor fit and finish so I don't feel I have a lot of room to complain. I look forward to the reviews on these. The K-Bit might be just the thing to replace my poor lost Emerson LaGriff.


Dan said...

Really nice, I like that MTT a lot! I've been playing around with a Boker Vox BOB, and while it's expensive, it's a nice knife and pretty well done. Wouldn't mind adding any of those blades to my collection!

Anonymous said...

I have the MTT and very impressed. The handle has the look of a rush job. I don't mind only having one side of the knife with a handle scale, but the handle has a very dingy look to it. No polish at all, maybe a step was forgotten?
Also the sheath is a total wash. Again a rush job. Hold it upside down and the slightest shake and it will fall out. My plan was to take it on hiking trips. Not going to happen till I have a better Kydex sheath made. I would hate to need it, reach down to my belt and find out it fell out somewhere down the trail.
So basically what you get is a great piece of steel the will need a handle fix or entire replacement along with sheath replacement. I have priced the new sheath at 50.00 with a tec loc and the handle at 25.00 for 2 scales plus my time. As you see you may end up spending the same price as the knife to bring it up to a useable knife. I hope this is not the things to come from Boker.

Anonymous said...

Sorry auto correct not working . I wa not very impressed.

Anonymous said...

Actually, if you watch the youtube video posted by Jesper Voxnaes (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=crm9DaB_KP8) about the MTT he talks about how the handle was made that way on purpose. Supposedly made that way so that it could work on a flat surface and use it as a woodworking tool. I like it myself although I can see a new sheath in order for it.