Saturday, January 15, 2011

Ontario SP43: Everyone needs at least one pigsticker

Steadily, I have been filling out my knife collection with such staples as the automatic folder, the boot dagger, and the large folding knife. Finally, after lusting after a Mossberg 590a1 and an Ontario USMC bayonet, I decided it was time to spare me several hundred dollars by satiate my appetite with my first big knife.

The Ontario Spec Plus II Sp43 is a nice 8inch knife made from 5160 high carbon steel. The steel is tough, holds a good edge, but is not corrosion resistant. This steel must be kept oiled and maintained unlike your average edc stainless blade. I picked it up for under $60 at Midway USA.

So far I've used it for some light yardwork. It easily chopped down some young trees with a few good whacks. Unfortunately, I can't put a really good edge on it. I think my sharpening sticks are just a tad too short. Of course it may just be user error. Still, a really neat large knife. Good for your BOB, camping, or light yard work.

Update: I've used it for weeds, small trees, and even to hack off the end of a leg of lamb that wouldn't fit in my crock pot. This is a good blade and the sheath is functional and works well. A good purchase!

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