Monday, March 30, 2009

Why a revolver?

I carry a revolver. A J-frame .38special. It has only 5 shots, but I trust it. Why? I've had 3 semi-auto pistols that regularly jammed. My first handgun, a Star Model B Super, was repaired by smith to work perfectly. My second handgun, was a EAA Witness polymer in .40 S&W. It jammed like a fiend. 300rds down the pipe and still jams. When I decided to get my CCW, I bought a keltec p-32. It had a problem with light strikes. I needed a pocket carry handgun for CCW. I ended up handling a S&W j-frame snub. It fit perfectly, and it was light weight. I've put nearly 400rds through it without a single problem or malfunction. I trust it. Its only got 5 shots, but it hasn't failed me once. Every semi-auto I've owned has either stovepiped or jammed at least once. Even my beloved Makarov. I know that its only 5rds, but I trust it. It will shoot those 5rds regardless if I hit or miss. Whether there are 10 attackers or just 1. If it fails me when I need it, I am dead regardless if it was a semi-auto or a revolver.

I am not opposed to semi-auto pistols. I carry them on occasion. I want to find some that I like and would carry more. I love all guns. I just think that they're all useful in their own way. I think a person armed with a revolver is not exactly something to sneeze at. Some folks will and do, and they do so at their peril. We all stand more of a chance of dying of a puny .22lr than we do any caliber bigger.


Peter said...

Star Model B Super
EAA Witness polymer
keltec p-32

I sense a pattern!

Conversely, I've had more jams out of my S&W M65 (failure to extract, cylinder jamming) than all of my autos put together. But then again, I don't buy crappy autos.

Roadkill said...

Actually, the Star Model B series are generally very accurate and reliable pistols. Mine had a tiny piece of brass stuck behind the extractor. It turned fine after that, but I sold it and it was converted into a 9mm largo. The Witness series generally work well, they're cz pattern. I've read many find reviews... On the METAL ones. That was indeed my mistake. The p32, yeah, there should have been no excuse there. But until then I thought p32s were supposed to be very reliable and very good. I'm told that it is very reliable now, after having gone back to the factory and having been sold. I do want a nice lightweight semi-auto for pocket or IWB carry. My terrible body shape gives me trouble with a lot of weight on a belt. I'm working on reducing that problem, so until I get that done, its going to be sub-20oz normal CC for while.