Saturday, March 7, 2009

Bad Doggie! No Donut!

Over on the waronguns blog, I found this article about a police dog attacking an innocent man taking out the trash. It ran 2 blocks from its handler and viciously attacked a man following him into the bed of a truck to continue its assault. I try to imagine myself in that situation. What would I do? If a random dog attacked, I would shoot it. If that failed, I keep a very vicious little claw knife and I'd be doing my damnedest to slice that dog a new asshole. But trying to save my own life would be dangerous in such a case. What if the cop shot me? What if I went to jail for assaulting and murdering an officer? Furry as they may be, hurting a police dog will land you extra time in jail or extra punishment. They are officers and thus above us.
This idea that officers are superior to civilians... Its wretched. Anything done to them, will net you extra punishment. They are not superior to us! They work for us! They should treat us with dignity and respect as ANY service industry worker is expected. They should not get away with so much. Local cops will take what they want from late night gas station service marts. These stations usually have a deal to provide coffee and certain snacks to any cop that comes in. But instead of limiting themselves legally they will take beef jerky, cookies, and pretty much anything else they want. Its their right as our Overseers? Okay... So you want to give the Police these superior rights and trust them above the normal citizen? Ok. Then give us something to work with. Double the punishment for Law Enforcement personnel for doing something that betrays the public's trust. When a cop uses his badge to force sex out of a woman, he must be punished twice as much as a normal rapist. When a judge sends children to detention for money, he should be rotting in jail for the entire time he illegally sentenced those children to. If a drug cop lies to get a warrant, murders an old woman lawfully defending her home, and then plants drugs on the premises to try to hide their crime. They should never see the light of day. If they are going to get these special privileges they must truly PAY for their misbehavior.

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