Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Shooting Again! FINALLY

I haven't been out shooting since the great ice storms hit Kentucky back at the end of January. The range located in a state run park is out of commission due to the massive amount of trees down throughout the park. There simply isn't the money or manpower to restore that range any time soon. Rangeless, I've been trying to join a private gun club down in Tennessee.

The application system is a bit arduous, but the facilities are excellent and the people seem really nice. My only real complaint so far, is that I am not allowed on site unless I am either there for an event or with a full member. I found this out the hard way. The president claimed there was no foul and let me shoot anyway, but he seemed annoyed. He ran though the list of requirements again 'to make sure we were on the same page'. The way he looked through it made me wonder if he was looking for the very thing he told me. As if to prove that I had just been careless or forgetful in my reading of the process. I have to wonder if this will effect my attempts to join.

My anti-social tendencies scream to me to just give up and wait for my quiet public range to reopen. One of the reasons I am trying to join, is to get resocialized. Having worked the midnight shifts so long, I feel like some dog that just not used to people, and doesn't know how to act with them.

On to the good part, I got to put 100rds of .38 special through my revolvers. My GP-100 is an easy to shoot but a bit harder to line up than the S&W model 15. The 15 has a red ramp front sight and adjustable white outline rear sights. The GP is just all gray, with fixed sights and its plain gray front sight. The tiny jframe was of course hardest to shoot, so I shot it the most. It my EDC CCW, I need to be able to use it better. Overall, I think I'm getting better. I do enjoy the revolvers a lot. Getting good at loading 2 at once. The HKS speedloader for the GP... It leaves a lot to be desired. I need to try the Safariland type.

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