Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Every Day Carry

A few weeks ago on the excellent GunNuts Radio, Caleb and Breda talked about carry gear. I really hated to miss that one, so I'm posting my EDC gear. This is the stuff I generally carry on any given day.

The pistol is the Smith & Wesson 638-3 Airweight. It is an aluminum framed model of the 5rd J-frame revolver family. It is chambered for .38 special, rated for +P use, weighs only 15oz unloaded, and has a bodyguard style hammer. The holster is one of Mika's excellent Pocket Holsters. I highly recommend Mika's product for comfortable carry. My reload is in an HKS speedloader.
The particularly vicious looking little knife is an Emerson made version of Fred Perrin's La Griff. It is my backup to my paltry 5rds of .38 special and rides on my left side in a kydex belt sheath by On/Scene Tactical in Canada. The finger hole makes this thing damn hard to drop or loose grip of. It is an effective little claw.
Next on the list is the Fenix LED P2D. Great light. It served me well when the power went out during the ice storms back in January. I have a nice full write up over at thehighroad.org. I recommend the Fenix line to anyone looking for tactical, EDC, or utility flashlights.
My other knives are two that I currently carry depending on mood. I feel very naked without a good folding knife. There's always tape, plastic, or lunch that needs cutting at work and I'd rather not dull my fixed blade until absolutely necessary. One with the worn black clip is a Benchmade 530, a 3inch folder with their nifty axis lock system. The blade is very thin and is in 154cm. Its done well enough for cutting but I've been nervous with it with heavy plastic zip ties that I run across. The other is a new addition as of this past week. Its a Kershaw Skyline. Its the first Kershaw I've carried since I had to retire my excellent Leek due to a bent tip. It opens purely from the flipper and has a nice thick and wide blade. Its also half the price of the Benchmade, thus more expendable. The finger groove gives it a good grip that feels like it'd stay put if really jabbed something that needed it...
The multitool you see is a Swisstech Microtech 6 in 1. A tiny pliers, and both normal types screwdriver heads. I'm not impressed by the Philips though. I had a Leatherman Skeletool for a short time, but thats a story for another day. Maybe later this week?
The final tool I got from CountyComm. Its a micro-wedgie tool. I mainly use it for pulling metal out of pallet jack wheels. CountyComm has a LOT of neat stuff over there. Take a few min to check out the rest of their site.
Most of the time, I have this stuff on me, or next to my computer. I'm still looking for some other things to carry or upgrade. The multi-tool isn't too great. Still looking for an upgrade there that isn't total crap but doesn't weigh a crapton. Screwdrivers seem to always be the breaking point there. Also always looking at knives. Most likely the next knife I get will be a Benchmade Griptilian. Good feel to the hand and sturdier blade than the 530. Some cash in my truck maintenance fund must be replaced first. I feel that the S&W model 15 is well worth the wait for a new knife!


Gramjen said...

Wow, this is an impressive stash of EDC gear. The Benchmade Griptilian is also a good choice for EDC since it is fairly discreet with its unobtrusive pocket clip. http://www.bladehq.com/cat--Benchmade-Griptilian--404

Roadkill said...

I'd love a Griptilian, I really love the axis lock system. Just haven't got around to getting one yet. Right now, I'm EDCing a Boker Automatic, AK-74, which is getting reviewed very soon.