Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Cowards and Hospital Beds

My wife and I just got back in yesterday afternoon after spending a few days in the hospital sitting with my grandmother. My grandfather had a mild heart attack and then surgery to fix it up. He's already up and moving, but my grandmother had a fall the day of the surgery and is now bedridden. They're pretty old folks. Nearly 89 years old for my grandmother and 85 for my grandfather, a world war 2 veteran. Sadly, my grandmother is now well under the affects of dementia. My wife and I spent an entire 8 hours just trying to keep her in her bed during the course of a night trying to get home to her mother who has been dead for over 50 years. It was impossible and very sad. She's been in decline for several years and this is largely expected. My grandfather has taken care of her and well during this decline, but now he can't do it by himself and needs care for her nearly 24/7. The heart attack may have been brought on by his use of ladders and repeat trips with said ladders back and forth from his shop. He has kept his health all his life. Despite diabetes and other health problems he's more fit than many 20 year his junior. Will there be anyone left like this after the ww2 vets are all gone?

While I was trying to iron out care details with my grandfather and my mother, the shit hit the fan in Alabama! A cowardly shithole went on a brutal shooting spree that ended with his suicide. I'm conflicted with how my first thought about this was not one of concern for the people and families damaged by this coward, but rather how this event would affect my rights to defend myself with the best weapons available. Worrying about the eventual knee-jerk first, and the people last, is just not how I want to be a good human. But I can't help it. I blame the sissy-bitches in power. Well shit. I just learned that a gunman killed and/or shot 10 students in Germany. There's a lot of gun control there. I expect a knee jerk total disarmament for their citizens shortly. Lovely. This has not been a good week.

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