Monday, March 2, 2009

Welcome! I want a FUBAR!

Howdy folks. You can call me Roadkill or RK. I got that nick back in '99 or so when I first started playing Quake 2. It was my first FPS handle, and still my favorite. I use it on the gunblogger conspiracy IRC room and malodorousroadkill is my nick on the old HighRoad forum. I know, its run by a thief. I really need to join the one.

I'm currently preparing for the coming zombie apocalypse, and other various disasters that may befall Kentucky. Be it another crushing winter storm, quakes, or the fruits of an anti-constitutional government. This provides a good place to organize my thoughts and get some meaningful discussion and feedback. Guns, knives, holsters, gear, foodstuffs, shelter, cheese, clothing, and even eye wear! So many delectable subjects to beat like a dead horse! I almost pity you, my sweet sweet readers. On to todays first topic. The FUBAR!

Sadly, I work at a walmart while I and my wife are trying to get finished with college. Sometimes, we find some pretty neat stuff in the halls of my Dark Corporate Masters. Sunday morning, I found a nifty tool in Hardware.
The Stanley FatMax FUBAR. It describes itself as a "Functional Utility Bar." This is a vicious looking beast that looks to be the product of a drunken orgy of a hammer, a crowbar, and some sort of strange claw-like fixed wrench. This is the most basic model. Its about 2.5 lbs with a hammer head, a claw wrench(I can not really think of other ways to describe it), and a pry bar at the end. It is designed for demolition work mostly. Where the claw can tear apart boards and rip through dry wall, while the hammer can smash through walls and windows, and the crowbar can pry stuff up. I saw this thing, and I started thinking what it could to do to some zombie skulls. Afterwards, it could be used to nail boards to secure a doorway. Then off to pry open a cabinet full of goodies. All those things in one relatively light package. There are larger and heavier versions.

The Extreme series features an 18inch(pictured above) and 30 inch versions. 4lbs for the smaller and a whopping 8.5lbs for the 30inch! These are meant for heavier duty demolition. Ripping through houses like a Grabiod through alluvial soil. Then there are the Forcible Entry versions.

These are nasty looking monsters designed for use by rescue teams, firemen, etc. They will also open and close various valves as necessary. According to some forums, firemen will modify these with window breakers and other tools of the trade. A very convenient tool for these folks and for you too! Check 'em out at Now, I have to consider which one I want. My BoB is getting kinda heavy as it stands though...

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Whitebread said...

Those are some mighty fine wrecking tools.

Good luck with the blog. I've added you to my reader.