Thursday, March 19, 2009

In Competition with the Cops!

While toiling endlessly for the good of my Dark Corporate Masters, a customer service page sent me scurrying over to Sporting Goods as the usual stocker was at lunch. A passing cashier told me a policeman was wanting some ammunition. I slipped behind the counter and asked what he needed. He just asked me what all handgun ammo we had. That is kinda unusual, usually we get asked. I told him what we had .25 acp, .357 sig, 9mm, .40 S&W, 44 remington magnum, and 45 ACP. Thats just all we have left. He asked specifically for .38 special repeatedly, but I had personally bought that out days before. He even asked for .357 magnum. So he asked to see a box of the .44 mag and then he asked for all 8x100rd boxes of 9x19mm we had left. He didn't ask for any .40 S&W, which is the caliber of Kentucky Law Enforcement. He told me that "We can't find this stuff anywhere."

Judging by the purchasing, its for qualifying with their Back Up Guns. I assume that their .40 S&W is bought in bulk through direct contracts. But for the personal weapons that cops like to keep around just in case, they're buying it from Walmart like everyone else. While its all fine and dandy that police want to qualify to the minimum required standards, it also means that they're in direct competition with us civilians for an already scarce resource.

As far as walmart's stock goes... We carry 3 different brands of handgun ammuniton. Winchester, CCI Blaser, and Remington. I very roughly estimate that when fully stocked a SuperCenter will have over 6,000 rds of 9mm alone, and usually more. An additional thousand can be neatly stored under the counter, and even more in the strong room in the back. Now consider that .45 acp, .40 S&W, and .38 special are terribly far behind the 9mm. Now we have hardly anything left.

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