Saturday, September 24, 2011

The War On Knives: Florida

Idiots in Florida's have put forth HB179, which prohibits pretty much everything with a sharp edge in all Florida public, private, colleges, and even career centers. It also gives violators felon status for violating this abuse of power. This includes common pocket knives and box cutters. To me, the concept of this law is so criminal, that anyone daring to sign their name to it should themselves be branded as criminals to the civil rights of Americans everywhere and punished. While, from a liability standpoint I can understand pocket knives being kept out of k-12 schools, denying adults on campuses and career centers is inexcusable. Would this apply to the dorms? No kitchen knives so students HAVE to use the campus food services? Gah.

The one who has put this pile of feces forth is the despicable Ari Porth of the Florida House of Representatives. He can be seen below, thinking about how he best trample on the civil rights of the lady to the right.

Found this over on Robb Allen's Thanks for getting my blood pressure up!

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Dan said...

Man this is bad news. The injustice here is just infuriating I can't even put it into words.