Friday, September 23, 2011

Friday Wishlist: Cold Steel Mini-tac Spear Point


I love my mini-tac tanto. The subhilt design makes drawing and retaining so easy. The jimping is great and the g10 grips are comfortable yet maintain a firm grip in the worst oily slime. However, I am not a huge fan of the American Tanto shape. I'd rather have a curve instead of the unnecessary 2nd point. However, I'd like even more to see this with my favorite blade style, the Spear Point. Spear points are just a very symetrical style of drop point. They feature some of the best tip control, excellent penetration, yet solid cutting power. C'mon Cold Steel. Give me an excuse to buy a 3rd mini-tac!

BTW: Anyone know anyone that can re-profile an AUS8 blade into a more traditional curved Tanto that doesn't like like a 3 year old did it(which is how it would look if I did)?

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Rob Robideau said...

That would make for a great knife!