Friday, September 2, 2011

Friday Wishlist: USA-made Kalishnakov Bayonets

There are a lot of AK clones in circulation in the USA 7 years since the Evil Looking Guns ban sunset, many of those now have their bayonet lugs. Bayonets are popular collector's items, but rarely fixed in the field. Older bayonets were not useful in both camp tasks and defensive use. Dedicated knives like Kabars and Bowies are still heavily used by military personnel. Recently for the AR/m16/m4 platforms, new bayonets have been starting to crop up. Makers like Zero-Tolerance and Ontario are starting to make bayonets that are actually more useful off the end of a rifle. I have to wonder then, why not new ones for the AK pattern rifles too? Low end Romanian builds aside, folks are putting down serious bucks for good Bulgarian, Yugoslavian, and Hungarian builds. Not to mention the many Saiga rifles and shotguns being converted. Some of these high end builds cost just as much as a lower to mid range AR-15. If I had the money or know how to put into this, I would. AK bayonets make some better sense to me as the ring goes where the finger guard would be on a normal blade. This would allow for a thumb to go up on some spinal jimping and add to control in normal tasks. I think it would be simple and not terribly expensive to get some of the bayonet mounting parts from eastern europe and create the blades themselves there. I am thinking about cracking open my Romanian bayonet to see how feasible this sort of transplant could be.

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