Tuesday, September 20, 2011

After Six Days and No Posts, Sig-madness is upon me!

Been a busy several days! I've been busy wheeling and deal. Several very unused pieces of my firearm and accessory collection have been sold off in this past week. Buying and selling guns is actually a lot of fun. However, I find that it is dangerous to do this in that once you have money in hand, it starts to slowly evaporate. Soon the nickles and dimes add up and there's nothing left! I'm trying to not let that happen! I plan on spending as much on a new gun, as a I made on selling old ones.

Originally, I planned to snag a nice Mossberg 590a1 and some more pocket guns, but the siren call of the .45 acp is beckoning... And handguns are just more fun than shotguns damn it. I stumbled upon a steal for a Sig 220, but alas, I stumbled minutes too late. Sigs are easily one of my favorite pistols. I have an excellent little Swiss Sig 225, an excellent single stack 9mm, and I've long wanted a Sig 228. However, I'm currently fixated upon the 220 series. After a few days spent hitting the refresh in a vain attempt to beat someone to a deal at SigForum, I finally have a line a Sig 245 owned by a friend of mine. A discontinued but interesting variation of the well proven 220 series specialized for carry.

UPDATE: this is the particular 245 that I am working hard to acquire. I was surprised to learn it was a coveted duo tone! Sweet!


Dan said...

Nice! Lookin forward to getting a closer look at this one.

Weer'd Beard said...

Oh, Two-tone even better!

And I'm amused that its more blogger-to-blogger love!

Hopefully everything works out. You'll fall in love with .45 ACP