Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Still Not This Bad Here

In UK, the criminal is actually a more protected victim class than the people they victimize. A 39 year old father fights and ends up stabbing two burglars, one of which succumbed to his injuries. His wife and child ended up being there shortly during the fight. I'm looking for some other story references, but I think I recall another article saying that the two intruders assaulted him prior to the stabbing. The father has since been arrested on suspicion of murder.
Here in Kentucky, such an intrusion is nearly considered suicide. The criminals right to exist becomes null and void over the defenders safety. The reactions of his neighbors are pretty spot on to what they SHOULD be. Such violations are paramount to rape. However, the UK government and the criminal underclass and the liberal moralists don't like for those damn citizens to be all uppity and provide their own security. It endangers all three's groups as much as fools that enter the bears den.

JP reminded me of this one.

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