Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Cult Murder in Japan

There are things that happen in this world that make me hate and rage so much I actually get a little afraid of myself. This is one of those things.

In Japan, a 13 year old girl drowned during a cult exorcism performed by her father and a Buddhist monk known as 'waterfall austerity'. The exorcism consisted of tying her down to a chair and then having "her face forcibly doused with a stream of water continuously falling from an outlet 2.5m above her for 5 minutes at a rate of 40 litres a minute." That girl endured this torture over 100 times over at least 3 months before finally succumbing.

I shake when I think about how many times she must have screamed and begged for them to stop and to let her go. I want the worst for them. I don't care whats right or moral. I want them to suffer. Both the father and the monk should not die quickly. I want to see it. I want to laugh. I want to KNOW that they paid for their crimes in this world before going on to suffer for them in the next. There is no crime that is worse than one that is committed by a 'do-gooder' for they will NEVER feel that they did something wrong. In their mind they were saving her. That fallacy means there is no limit to the horrors they will inflict. So, there should be no limit to the horror they should be subjected to in a case such as this. I do not feel like a good person right now. Don't rightly care either. I would gladly take my turn turning the screws on these human vermin. Does that make me no better than them? Maybe. No one says justice has to be nice.

I got this one from Sankaku Complex, lots of NSFW content there so watch out.

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