Wednesday, October 19, 2011

TOPS/Relentless M1-Compact Knife

Relentless Knives is custom knife producer that makes some really nice looking blades. Their biggest claim to fame is having made the Punisher knife used in Punisher: War Zone. Their line up has some extremely sweet looking spear points. One of these Relentless blades is the M1 Sub-Compact, a lovely little spear point small fixed blade of about 2.5inch length. The carbon steel version of this custom is a whopping $139.95. A bit high for my tastes despite the great looks. For a custom, I'd rather have the larger brother the M1 Mini for only $20 more.

Fortunately, TOPS, a knife manufacturer specializing in carbon steel knives, has teamed up to make the M1 Sub-Compact a production blade. While its not quite as nice, and lacks the nice swedge, TOPS does add some jimping! I feel that addition much improves things. I know of no online retailers with this yet, but TOPS has it for an introductory price of $72.95 themselves.
This one is pretty tempting for me. Seeing as my ideal CCW knife does not yet exist and the bigger M1 Mini isn't available in such a good configuration/price, this would be a nice carry blade indeed.

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Dan said...

Very nice. It reminds me somewhat of Wilkins Knives stuff (which is a LOT more expensive).