Monday, October 17, 2011

MWUAHA! We Win Again!

Whilst slaving away for my dark corporate masters( and the lesser bovine overseer) last night, I saw something that brought quite the smile and euphoria. A Remington AR-15! This is beyond good news and not just because I get 10% on it! It means a major victory for the pro-gun side. That mighty Walmart, which tries hard to avoid controversy and stay politically correct, finds that the profit of selling Evil Black Rifles trumps any possible negative press or political reactions.

I think they're even selling them with full capacity magazines too. Double score!

I seriously hope that they're going to offer a lot more interesting rifles and shotguns from now on. Getting that 590a1 or Sig 522 will be a lot easier with 10% off the top!

Too bad that damn bovine overseer had to ruin my natural high. Grr.

1 comment:

Dan said...

That is great news RK! I will have to see if my local store is carrying them. Great to see you posting again man.