Thursday, October 20, 2011

Muela's German Style Handle Utility Knife

Even before buying my beloved Boker trench dagger, I've loved these military style guards and handles. While surfing KnifeCenter, I found this Muela with a classic Germanic military/bayonet grip.

The steel is an unnamed stainless, but it's not a long blade. At 4.7 inches it is at my comfort limit with standard stainless. The 1121 & the stainless version, 1123, both have thin bowie-like clip point style blade. The versions cost $25 and $31 respectively.

Muela is not a brand I know much about. There is very little information available about this Spanish manufacturer. Primarily, they make stainless blades and they do make some pretty higher end products. From what little I can gather, these Spanish blades are supposed to be pretty functional. One of Muela's particular claims to fame is that they produce the Magnum 26 which is the giant bowie used by Pierce Brosnan in Seraphim Falls. 14inch 440c blade is not something I would actually care to use. Under hard use, it would most likely break.

I'd like to give this one a try. The grip appeals to me a lot, and at the cost, I find it hard to lose even if it's not worth serving as an EDC or defensive blade. At the worst, it would find it's way into my kitchen drawer. Which is the fate for stainless fixed blades I don't think quite 'hack' it.

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