Saturday, August 27, 2011

Some Saturday Morning Sexy: Blackhawk Tatang

Now, I'm really darn affectionate towards subhilted knives. I feel they are safer and stay in the hand better than straight grips. Two subhilts I've been jonesing for are the Cold Steel Black Bear Classic and the single edged Cold Steel OSS. Both blades are in the 8inch size. However its over $300 for the black bear and over $100 for the san mai version of the OSS fighter. The quest for great subhilts continues though and I just found another large one. The Blackhawk Tatang.

Subhilt? Check. Big fixed blade. Check. Looks cool as fuck. Check. Reasonably priced? can be found under $70. Check! I would love to handle one of these.

Edit: Almost forgot, the back edge is sharp. This is a double edged knife. Also carbon steel blade. Not stainless, as too many 'tactical' blades tend to be.

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Dan said...

Looks awesome RK! Very nice design, I'm a fan of subhilts as well.