Friday, August 19, 2011

Friday Wishlist: S&W 6shot j-frame

Not too long ago, Taurus put out a new version of one of their better regarded products, the Taurus 85 j-frame size revolver. This new version, the 856 was available in a new weird but light magnesium frame and a classic steel frame, but the biggest difference was that it was a 6shooter instead of a 5. I had the opportunity to handle one and even briefly drop it into my own 638's Mika Pocket Holster. It fit perfectly despite being slightly larger. This was very tempting. It wasn't a concealed or bobbed hammer design, but it still was an extra round for not much more weight and a virtually unnoticeable increase in size. Smith & Wesson... Why have you not done this? Offer this for about 100 to 150 more in alloy, scandium, and steel. If you did this with a concealed hammer, tritium sight, and perhaps a 20oz scandium frame, it would literally be the perfect CCW revolver. A 4inch version with longer grip, full steel frame, and a slicked up trigger would be a wonderful first gun for a lot of people with smaller hands. If you make it. They will buy!

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