Sunday, August 28, 2011


I have long been a proponent of the idea that just because a firearm isn't full of the latest most modern technology or features, doesn't mean that its useful less defensive or offensively. There are too many revolvers, lever-actions, bolt-actions, pump-actions, and old style semi-autos to discount their utility in conflict. Therefore, I was very pleased to discover that Retro-Tactical was dedicated to making modern tactical gear for these older weapons. They have stock pouches for stripper clips for Mosins Nagants, Enfields and SKSes. There is also MOLLE and belt magazine pouches for N-frame speedloaders, m1-carbines, Garands, m-14s, even 20rd AK magazines. They round out things with some more modern but hard to find gear for the new keltec PMR30 and pouches for p90 magazines. Loadbearing gear is also offered. They do some custom work too. I'm very tempted to see about a bandoleer bag combination L-frame holster with built in speedloader pouch, flashlight pouch, and some loops for shotgun shells as a home defense go-to. Could be AWESOME. Check these guys out. You might have an old Enfield, SKS or Garand that could stand some excellently priced tactical gear for just in case.


Drang said...

Olongapo Outfitters
Original S.O.E. Gear--Garand clip "tray" for M16 pouch.

Roadkill said...

More excellent retro-gear! Those Olongapo garand clip belts are pretty damn slick. One of those shotgun grab and goes might fit my bill. Thanks for those links, Drang.

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