Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Tired of Being Civil About Self Defense Rights

That is IT. I'm throwing down the gauntlet. After reading about Amanda Collins, a university student who was disarmed by campus laws and ended up raped at gun point after a night class, I cannot take being civil anymore. The same filth went on to kill and rape others. Thanks to the long standing left's war on self-defense, her firearm was left at home against the threat of expulsion when she needed it. Maybe she would have been killed, maybe she would have killed him. We cannot say, but she was helpless thanks to the work of anti-rights cultists.

I'm tired of being called a murderer-in-waiting. Sick and tired of them trying to prove that I'm sub-human for wanting to see that I and my fellow humans have the tools and rights to protect our lives, families, and properties against the greed and wickedness of others. Guess what? Two can play at that game, motherfuckers!

Anyone actively working and campaigning against our rights to carry weapons and fight back in self-defense is of the worst sort of vermin. They are pro-rape, pro-murder, pro-crime scum. I could care less if they are that was from a sick sexual satisfaction to see others hurt, they're following their programming, or whatever the reason. They are enemies of freedom and liberty. They are less than the worms that fill the diseased feces of a feral dog. I will call you what you are. Accomplices of murder, sexual violence, torture, thievery, and every other crime that innocents have suffered from being they were not permitted to have the necessary tools to defend.

Who are part of this group? Every member of the boards of colleges that vote against self-defense. Every politician everywhere that votes against self-defense. Everyone working for, donating to, or advocating the Brady Campaign, VPC, Million Mom March, and the others. Every cop that gives CCW people a hard time just because. The list goes on. You're not human to me anymore. I wouldn't piss on you to save your lives for 20 bucks.

If I hear someone that wants to tell me to my face, that I'm a coward for carrying, that guns are evil, that carrying guns is awful... I'm going to sneer at them and ask them, "Yeah, watching people get raped and murdered gets you hard/wet right? What do you like about it the most? The fear in their eyes? The blood on the ground? Fucking sick wannabe. Get away from me. I don't associate with vermin."

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Dan said...

I absolutely couldn't agree more RK and totally understand your frustration. This is a serious serious problem and people seem to have no problem signing my rights away and endangering the public at large. It's robbing us of our freedom. I recently did a you tube video on the organization Knife Rights. It isn't going to fix all our problems but these people are working hard to try and preserve some of our rights. It's really worth checking out. I'm a member, and would love to do more down the road.