Wednesday, December 14, 2011

"The Right to Knife" From Straight Forward in a Crooked World

Matthew over at Straight Forward in a Crooked World has an exceptional post about the use of knives for defense and defensive offense. It is less on the knives themselves and more on the reality of having to take a sharp blade to someone and the results of that. This post paints the reality of such action in appropriately grim and brutal fashion. It has really got me thinking of testing the abilities of my knives.


Dan said...

Interesting RK. Pretty gruesome subject and the author has an especially vivid writing style. Using a knife for self defense is well, not something I'd ever want to do, but we certainly can't ignore it either.

Roadkill said...

There are in reality so many weapons to carry in SD, and knives are perhaps the most emotionally terrifying. A good 8inch 9 ounce weight sap is honestly a more powerful weapon than a 3inch bladed knife, but the impact weapon will not give you that sort of 'squick' trauma.