Thursday, December 22, 2011

2012 Kershaws at Blade HQ

Was browsing the 'Coming Soon' section of BladeHQ, when I noticed several different new Kershaws. Notable models include:

Funxion, an flipper style assisted opening knife/multitool in DIY, EMT, and Outdoor configurations.
Outdoor 10, a 10inch bladed carbon steel bolo/kukri hybrid.
Vapor III, a third model in the Vapor series.
Taskmaster, a 7inch folding saw.
Cyro, a very handsome 2.75inch bladed assisted-opening flipper.

There are several others, but please roll over to BladeHQ to see pictures and more information. Looks like Kershaw is going to have a good year. A few of these, especially the Outdoor and Cyro, look very attractive to me.


Dan said...

Man that Cryo looks nice... Hinderer collab. It appears to be made in China so I'll be interested to see what the price tag is. Might pick it up. Thanks for the heads up.

Roadkill said...

I can't say I like the trend of increasing numbers of Kershaws being made in China. I actually prefer Japan or Taiwan. I do not think I own a Taiwan made blade that hasn't been at the minimum solid and dependable.