Friday, January 11, 2013

Site is dead but Cold Steel Smatchet!

While, I have given up on this site and posted my last, it is utterly impossible for me to not post this one...  Despite the ongoing madness in the US political scene for some sick odd reason this seems just more personally important to me and what I enjoyed doing on this site.  IT IS A SICKNESS.

Colt Steel is making a Smatchet machete for 2013. The blade is 14inches long and 2.8mm thick and will have one piece polypropylene guard and grip. It is certainly not a traditional Smatchet in any way.  Too thin, the grips/guard just are not that great. However, the profile of the blade and the shape of the grip and guard are right and it is made from decent SK5 carbon steel. They're saying retail price will be $39 so maybe about $25 real world pricing.

I will be getting this. My expectations are low. The sheath will most likely be garbage, blade dull, and grinds bad. But... I have long wanted a Smatchet. There are not a lot of options for one available. It is one of my biggest grail knives. This will help scratch the itch I hope. However, I really really hope that if this sells decently they will do an beefier and nicer version. They could do a reasonable SK5 with the grip material found on the ever popular SRK. With a proper birds head grip and a passable sheath for around $200 with a 11 inch blade would be reasonable. 

The entire list of 2013 new additions is over at Cold Steel. Not many are really catching my eye.  The Chaos actually looks interesting. A 6 inch double edged trench dagger with polymer knuckle duster and skull-breaker made from SK5. I have a weakness for trench knives you see. Pole Axe is kinda nifty, too.


Dan said...

Sweeeet! RK is back! (Hopefully). Good to see you posting again man. The Smatchet does look interesting - so does the Barong machete. The Warcraft Tanto looks interesting just on the basis that it's CPM 3V and G10 - I wonder if it will be made in the US or what.

Anonymous said...

This post took the words right out of my mouth. Smatchet options are limited. I would love to own the McDonald Armoury replica;

Which is identically modeled on an original but its pretty pricey. I would love a contemporary "tacticool" version done by Cold Steel (either SK-5 or even San Mai III) but at the right length and full flat grind (rather than machete sabre grind). But this will fit the bill and who knows if these keep selling out they might take the next step up :) fingers crossed. One my money is on for sure.

Matt said...

Man, one more post and then you disappear again! A shame, enjoyed reading your reviews.

Chase P said...

I was surprised about how good the sheath actually was for this knife. Just like you, I expected it to be garbage, but it is actually pretty decent!