Monday, June 4, 2012

Final Thoughts on Malodorous Thoughts aka The End

With my posts growing more and more infrequent it is time to give this blog some closure rather than just let rot.  I shall be leaving the blogging to those folks more interested in the world and motivation. Malodorous Thoughts will no longer be updating. Is Game Over. But at least I don't get a xenomorph implanted in me.

I've had some fun here and I hope I've either informed or entertained at least a few visitors. A big thank you very much for your readership and comments. Special thanks go out to Breda for getting me into the blog world through her blog. Alan for letting me be heard several times on Vicious Circle and even the Squirrel Report. Dan for being my top commenter and supporter. FarmDad for putting up with my pestering about knife posts. Gay Cynic for being a supportive and funny rascal in general. And much thanks to the entirety of the GunBlogger Conspiracy IRC channel. There are so many of you that I want to mention, that I can't cause there are too damn many of you!  Also, to the gun and knife blogosphere at large. There are so many good people and great reads out there. Thank you all so very much for your support and be well. Carry your guns and your knives proudly and safely. -Roadkill


David said...

See ya 'round RK

Alan said...

Just make sure Sean keeps calling in.

GBBL said...

Ah, dammit.

But then I (North) hung it up, too, so I really can't point fingers.

Farm.Dad said...

Hell , at least you posted enough to " hang it up " I dont even do that LOL .

Dan said...

RK! This saddens me man, I have really come to enjoy your posts... even if they are infrequent (can't say I've been posting super frequently on my own blog) they were still good.

Not enough people write about knives and I always liked your take on fixed blades for utility and self defense. Well, it's been fun man - I hope to stay in touch via email and perhaps IRC.

And if you decided to sneak a review in in the future I wouldn't hold it against ya! ;)

Ratus said...

I will miss the blog, but Thanks RK

Jay G said...


I'm sorry to hear you're hanging it up, but I can understand.

Let me leave this open: If you ever want to do a knife review/post knife pr0n/etc., shoot me an e-mail.

I'd be honored to put it up as a guest post.

Weer'd Beard said...

When you hobby becomes work, get another hobby!

I'd be sad if I don't see you online all the time. Don't change that part!

The Business End said...

Sorry to read of your closing the doors. Do call in to the Squirrel Report from time to time, and don't let the chill breezes of the moors keep you out of sight... take carethe RK, and good luck in all that you do!

Gudis said...

All the cool people are retiring dammit.

Roadkill said...

Wow, thanks for the commments guys. Even Alan, who only wants me for my bad accent.

I may take you up on your offer Jay, why I'd even spell check it.

Perhaps, all my future reviews will go into a guest blog pile to be doled out to my old buddies to use when they're taking some days off versus being posted on forums.

But seriously guys, thanks a lot for your kind words. Y'all made doing this a lot more fun that it could have been. See ya around.

Julie said...

I am late to the party again :( You will be missed in blogging world RK - hope to see you on GBC regularly though!

Anonymous said...

Jeeze, I'm later than Julie! ;-) Sorry to see you go even though I've never been very hooked-up to the Bladeosphere, but personal and independent reviews are kind of the essence of the Blogosphere and very valuable... Now how am I going to know how evaluate my new CRKT Kit Carson M4? Me???

Mulligan said...

Hrmmm ... I'm even later than usual

and JayG already said it (prob better than I would have too)

hmmm lets see...
you'll be missed [x]
understandable [x]
guest blogger door open [x]

yup he covered it all

hope to see ya around :)