Thursday, April 5, 2012

WTF Becker & Kabar?!

I've been going on about the new Kabar/Becker Tweener series of mid-sized carbon steel knives since the ShotShow in January. Since they were supposed to be shipping this month I started digging around and found that the initial shipments have gone out and slowly folks are getting knives of the first production run. I was naturally very excited until I found this photo of a BK17, the bowie/clip point.

Really guys? Really? That is one shit-tastic fucking huge 'first production run' label on that knife. I've been slobbering for this damn knife and pimping it out for 3 months now, only to be blind sided by some tasteless tacky labeling. Could it be worse if you just had the word "PENIS" emblazoned in rhinestones?

I certainly will not be ordering one of these knives until they reach their 2nd production run. If I choose to buy it then anyway. The prices on these knives are a little high for the size and steel type, too. Maybe they will go down in cost by then. Or just perhaps, I will find something better by then. We shall have to see. Way to go Kabar & Becker.

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Dan said...

Oh wow, that really sucks. Yeah I'll pass on the first run as well.