Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Update: Meyerco Wharning in the Kitchen

Since my first night used review, I've gotten to use the Wharning a good bit more and also managed to get it into the kitchen a few times. Naturally, I cleaned it well before using it. For cutting up sirloin for stir-fry, the two day old resharpened edge it didn't seem to cut the meat so much as slide through it. This leaves me with no doubt about it's ability to deal with flesh. However, there were some scallions and potatoes that needed work too. The scallion chopped up easily no problem. Working on a large idaho potato and a large sweet potato for a pot of Japanese Curry was a bit more of a story. The high belly makes it even a good cutter for dense tubers. It pure cutting, it out preformed my Benchmade fixed Griptilian, which I tested out with much the same chores once upon a time. Unfortunately, he shortness of the blade was the limitation for dealing with such large tubers. When using this for kitchen work you might want to use mostly small vegetables. It is trickier with big ones, but it will do it if you are careful.

It also has prerformed well at work. However, I am asking my wife to make a paracord harness so this will work with my favored carbiner carry system.

Judging so far by its use and abilities, it would certainly do well as a companion knife to much larger stronger blades in the woods. I can see this little guy gutting a lot of fish and game, and as a cooking tool or just a inexpensive blade for the small tasks.

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Dan said...

Glad to hear the Wharning is working out for you RK. It isn't making it any easier to resist this one. ;)