Saturday, May 15, 2010

The new Sig in the family

Today I am finally welcoming a new Sig-Sauer handgun into the household. The Sig 225 is not a brand new pistol but rather an older sidearm carried by the Zurich police in Switzerland.

The 225 is effectively a downsized 9mm version of the Sig's famous .45 acp(and 9mm!) Sig p220. It is slightly slimmer than the equally famous Sig p226 as it is a single stack 9mm- holding 8rds in the magazine and one in the chamber. This differs from most Sigs in that it has a European style heel magazine release.

I've got a simple Dun Hume holster to go with it already, and I plan on carrying this little piece of history often.

Even Yume wants to say hi!

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