Monday, March 22, 2010

New Walmart Policy on PA system

Recently, a teenager used a Walmart PA system to broadcast a message telling all blacks to leave the store. As a result of this lackluster inconsequential villainy, my dark corporate masters have declared a major policy change for our in-store phone/PA system. First off, instead of hitting that little 'PAGE' button, we must dial a # & 3 digit code to link to the PA system. Secondly, all phones on the sales floor without a continuous employee presence must be unplugged and hidden. That's going to really suck if I have to call a Code White(injury) or Code Adam(missing child) out in the outlying areas at night. Thank you, political correctness! Way to make everyone's day a little less convenient.

1 comment:

The Packetman said...

They'll regret that decision the next code Adam that comes along. They happen much more frequently than you'd think.