Monday, March 8, 2010

More Griptilian Pics

I really have gotten to like Benchmade's knives over the past year. I like the steel and I like the comfortable grips. So for a utility field knife I have picked up this 151 Fixed Griptilian.

Many reviews I read discussed how these were fine knives and all, but how they couldn't do everything Fallkniven or other uber-survival knives could do. I didn't want something for chipping through concrete or batoning through logs. I wanted a good cutter that could be easily resharpened for any normal cutting tasks that might arise. Cutting rope, cloth, grass, animal flesh or maybe scraping any number of things.

A knife is primarily a cutting tool, not a digging tool or a wood chopper. It might get pressed into defensive use, but even then as a last resort.

Its only a 4inch blade, but that will work for most normal tasks. It even leaves room for perhaps a small hatchet?

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