Thursday, February 23, 2012

Self-Defender Aquitted but Now Homeless in Des Moines

Certainly, when JayG hears of this, his rage-o-meter will go through the roof.

Jay Rodney Lewis, a former guard and law enforcement officer, was assaulted by two scumbags in a road rage incident. In the 911 call, he is heard to repeatedly them to get away from him before he was forced to shoot. However, the police force decided that he should have done more to get away from the situation and he was formally charged and told to post $225,000 cash bail. Unable to post, Lewis was forced to endure 112 days in jail while a week after the shooting, his apartment complex started going through eviction actions when they decided that he was "clear and present danger to the health or safety of the other tenants.” The court notices were only served to the apartment. No attempt was made to serve them to him in jail. Therefore, the apartment complex won by default and threw all of his belongings, save for the guns which were confiscated by the evicting deputy, out on the curb. Finally free, Lewis has been rendered homeless, though he does have his IRS call center job back now.

This has me pretty hot. The local PD trying to railroad a man for a self-defense action, and the apartment and court fuck up on a grand scale and allow this man's possessions to be stolen with no change to defend himself. I do believe that the DA has zero business being a civil servant in any capacity beyond condom disposal at the local park. His bail was totally unreasonable and charges were totally bogus. There is no valid reason for the apartment complex's lawyers or the court not to know that Lewis was in lock up. It is impossibly loathsome to commit such acts against a man who even then was innocent until proven guilty. I hope for robust legal action. A pity the bastard that decided to have him evicted can't be thrown into a pit of cobras. He is truly a swine of the proportions of the titular character in a certain Australian horror movie.

I can only hope that Lewis can fully get his life back together. He deserves a break. I would totally understand him moving. I wouldn't want to be anywhere near such a concentration of vermin.

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