Monday, October 5, 2009

Twice the Victim

A good friend of mine has been rightfully upset by a vicious gang attack on his brother this past week. His brother is only 16 and was walking through the park of a nearby town when a group of other teenage kids, headed by a 30-something man, jumped him and beat him bloody. Even once the brother was on the ground, they continued, the older man kicking him in the face.

After the attack, the police managed to get most of the attackers. Mr. 30something claims that the youth had pulled a blade on the large group and that they had acted out of 'fear' for their lives. This is typical and expected sort of lie, so it doesn't surprise me. What surprises me is how the authorities dealt with the victim.

The younger brother was to attended a required counseling session. During the course of the session he was asked how he felt about the attack and the people who attacked him. While he said he didn't wish anything particular bad on the younger participants, when asked about the 30 something year old man who lead the assault and kicked him in the face, the teen replied that he 'would like to kill him'.

Due to the threatening nature of his 'anger issues' my friend's brother has been sent to a juvenile facility for treatment. He refused the medication that would treat his 'unhealthy anger'. After repeated badgering for him to take the medication and kept there against his will, the teenager lost his temper and punched a wall in frustration. Two orderlies forced him down and sedated him. Sadly, the young man has seen that he cannot go home without compliance. He now takes the medication and goes along with their treatment for his 'anger problems'.

A youth is viciously assaulted in a public place, and he ends up imprisoned because he's angry towards his attackers? He's not the only one angry. His big brother is angry, his mother, his father, me, and most likely you! Lets seem them take the lot of us in.

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