Monday, September 12, 2011

'Scalpel'-Style Knives

Most folding blades have shorter blades with longer grips due to their construction and most fixed blades have a longer blade to grip style. The short blade with full grip style is one I've taken to calling the 'scalpel-style'.

Two that have recently taken my notice are the Blackhawk Kalista II and the Boker Bender. Both feature are made from 440c stainless steel and feature relatively short blades to full size handles.

The 3.3" bladed Kalista looks to have a pretty secure grip with this trigger finger recess deep but not quite subhilted. It is has a generous grip, too. Its sheath can be mounted to Sepra holster paddles and belt loops. The Bender has a more basic neck sheath but features nice micarta scales that are tied in place with paracord. Perhaps this is for mounting to spears? Its blade is a short, 2.75" and it's really only barely in this 'scalpel' category. The Bender averages around $120 and the Kalista, $80. A bit high for 440c knives. The Kalista looks to be the better deal, though the Bender is a very nice looking modern blade with some very classy lines.

They're interesting blades with a lot of control for the point and edge. In work situations too much blade can just get in the way, but I rarely find a knife with too much grip.

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Dan said...

Those are cool RK. Some people are big on knives with good "blade to handle ratios" but if the handle doesn't work then the knife typically stays at home. I really like the looks of that Bender.