Friday, September 30, 2011

Friday Wishlist: Clean out the Ruger p345

I've looked around a lot of .45 acp handguns. One that I have considered often is the inexpensive Ruger p345. It's a solid polymer framed single stack 45 featuring a very conventional DA/SA trigger. The p345 is pretty slim, has a great feel on the grip, and is neither too heavy nor too light. However, the safety systems are the main problem here. It features a magazine safety, a weird external safety lever, piles of warnings, loaded chamber indicator, and a locking system. The magazine safety actually is so poorly designed that dry firing can shatter the firing pin. I've heard a lot of good things about this gun. And even more after the mag safety is removed. I'd like to see a version that might not sell in CA or Mass, but will make us shooters in the more gun-friendly states start buying these boys up fast. Ruger try taking out the mag safety, redesign the safety or remove it entirely, and take some of the other PC garbage off your otherwise solid design!

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