Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Owen/Shirley Camp Defender

I'm increasingly into large knives. They're pretty useful in the woods and as I've found around the yard when you're clearing light brush. My latest find has me a little excited. It's the joint project between jrshirley and steve1911 which has culminated in their Camp Defender knife. I dig this one a lot!

The Camp Defender is tough use bush blade that would take on flesh and bone as quickly as wood. The blade is 9inch bolo/kukri style. Micarta is the default grip material, but other materials are available This full tang knife is made of the excellent 5160 high carbon tool steel.

For now the basic model is going to be offered at $150. If you want it at this price, hurry up, you can reserve one for a $75 deposit. I'm thinking hard on this one. I don't have any custom blades yet. This is the right style and right price for one.


Dan said...

$75?! Wow that is a nice deal. Wish I had the funds handy, I've already got too much money tied up in knives!

Roadkill said...

That's the reserve price deposit, it's still $150 total balance.