Sunday, March 14, 2010

Remember your Eyes!

In preparing for zombies, commies, and natural disasters I think tend to think more for guns, ammo, and neat gear than we do the other little things. Ever thought about your glasses? For those millions of us wearing contacts and eyeglasses, how many of us have backups? Most folks with contacts tend to have a set of glasses, but do either group have any glasses ready for bad conditions?

If you're into anything like air-soft or paintball it quickly becomes evident that you need to wear protective eye wear. Also, most physically active sports exhibit the need for tough eye wear that can stay in place. In any disastrous situation can bring the same issue to bear. Even while practicing at the range, you need eye protection, but most folks with glasses simply use their normal glasses as a protective barrier regardless if they're as tough as even cheap shooting glasses are. Having just a normal pair of glasses simple doesn't cut it.

There are options available for us nearsighted and farsighted folks. Custom shooting glasses are available from numerous manufacturers, but these can be very expensive. However, one system revolves around prescription inserts vs the entire lens. These inserts known as RX carriers, can be put into multiple shooting glasses and goggle systems. Gunner's Alley has a wonderful informative site on all of this. Then they also
retail the ESS ICE system of carrier ready glasses. I've bought holsters from Gunner's Alley before, and found them to be very helpful and provide excellent service. I really need something like this. The inserts not not terribly expensive. For less than $150 USD you can have reliable protection for your eyes regardless of your sight.

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